Release Date Estimate

I know that Radiant hasn’t released an exact date for when the game will be released, but it is 15 days to december, so, I wonder if they will soon be able to tell us when they will be releasing the game. Early/late december? Before/after christmas?

I would guess that it will be released before chsitmas, just because that only leaves 6 days after chisrstams to release, plus they would have lots of bug reports so, hopefully it is soon!

In a stream, @Tom said to think late. I personally am expecting Dec 31st, so that any earlier is a nice surprise. I’m sure this discussion went down a few days ago on some other thread, about rough estimates for release.

I know, that it will propabaly be in late december, but I want to think it is coming sooner. I really hope it will be here befor Christmas. Its not like the game has to be perfect, I mean everyone would be happy getting it right now, even if it is horibly laggy and buggy.

its really all speculation at this point, and we have another related thread… nothing to see here folks… :wink: