Release Date Confusion

I am currently enjoying alpha 7 at the date of Decmeber 2014. When I Pledged on Kickstarter It Said That That The Beta Came Out Last year and the full release came out three months ago. But right know I’m playing the alpha which comes before the beta and does not have the features of the full release was going to have. I love StoneHearth and i Don’t want it to fail can someone tell me whats going on please>
TZAH :disappointed_relieved:

Making the game took them longer than anticipated and they decided to push the release date back to an undetermined date in order to deliver the game as they truly want it to be. Don’t worry :wink: the game is just gonna release in a while but it will;)


Welcome @tzah I’m glad to hear your enjoying the Alpha. Unfortunately, Team Radiant are not super heroes, and were unable to see how long it would take.


@Xergz @TurtleSquish Thanks

hey there @tzah … welcome aboard! :smile:

sorry about the confusion, but as has been mentioned, Radiant is simply operating under the schedule of releasing cyclic alpha clients, until a beta phase is reached… they would then continue to release beta clients until the “full” release (which would be considered all features reached during the pledge campaign)…

enjoy the game, and stay tuned! :+1:

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