Release still slated for September 2014?

I was having a look around the Stonehearth wiki for the first time and noticed that the full game is noted as being scheduled for release in September of this year. I have taken a look around the forum but not really found anything to affirm or contradict that this date is still valid. Has there been any changes made to the release date estimation?
The alpha looks really solid at this stage and i’m sure the Devs are working their arses off with great dedication but there seems to be a LOT of stuff left to do, will they really be able to finish everything up that quick?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they can’t do it I’t just seems to me like that would be a hellish workload for two guys over that period of time. But then again, I know nothing nothing about developing games.

first of all, welcome aboard @zody91! :smile:

as to your question, yes the public release is still scheduled for September of this year… what exactly it will contain is uncertain at this point… however, the development pace for the alpha phase is picking up speed, and we will likely see major updates with each new client (case in point, the pending Alpha 4)…

if you have any other questions about the public release, feel free to drop me or @Geoffers747 a note…

have fun on the forums! :smiley:

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