Release in September?


I bought Stonehearth a while ago via Steam and have been checking the website every Tuesday since. I’m loving how this game looks and you guys are making good progress, it gets more and more exciting by the week !

However, the roadmap says the game will be out in September, but the current state of the game is very far from what we could see in the trailer for example. I’m not ranting about anything, if it takes 2 years for the game to be finished before I can enjoy it it’s fine, but I’m just curious what this “September release” is about.

Could we have some more information about what your global roadmap looks like ?

Thanks a lot, and again congrats on the great work and the weekly updates, they’re really cool.



@Tom commented on this on one of the latest dev blogs:

We will release the game to all Kickstarter backers by the end of September. As you mention, the game won’t be finished at that point, but you’ll be able to play the content that is there, and will receive free updates as we add the rest of the features to the game.

Link to the comment.

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Might be kind of “Beta” which starts with the “release” in September… if I am allowed to speculate :wink:.

Everyone, brace yourself for the influx of Noobs!!!

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Since the game is already accessible via Steam, I thought all Kickstarter backers had already access to it, which is why the “September release” seems a bit odd to me.

Anyway, it would be good to have an update on the global roadmap from the devs. This game looks really great, need to know when to book some days off :smiley:

It’s only accessible if you pledged/ purchased at the tier that granted you access to the game in December 2013 - you can’t currently purchase the game through Steam, you can only get it through activating the Steam key you received if you backed that amount :slight_smile:

That’s impossible… It’s not on steam yet.

just a little confusion, that’s all… as the game is accessible via the steam client, even though it isn’t purchased via steam… simple mistake… :wink: