Maybe release on the the new year

First thought i had when i read stephanie’s thread A new year, A new game who agrees that the game should be released on the new year GMT

I think the Alpha should be released whenever it’s released. :smile:

I very much doubt they would set a goal of December 30th if they weren’t confident in achieving that - I mean we haven’t ever had a solid date before, so I think that speaks for itself.

Also @Gridnick when you create a new thread if you could assign a category to it as well that’d be great, I’ll chuck this one in general discussion for now :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry about the category i forgot also it was just an idea i thought it would be quite cool if it released on new year

It’s cool, it just keeps the place tidy and helps people understand what sort of thing is being discussed (in this case it’s quite clear though).

@SteveAdamo and I had both said it would make for one hell of a Desktop Tuesday if they released on the 31st.

The 30th is good though, I’m happy with that!

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“on or around December 30th” is the official estimate at this point… let’s just wait till then, and see whats what! :+1:

anxiously watches the clock


I’d guess their thoughts are that many people wouldn’t necessarily be home/in a fit state to play on New Years :wink:

Also, they’d promised a December release since May, so New Years would kind of miss that (even if by such a small amount).

Plus, don’t you get this delayed. There’d be a very grumpy Smokestacks on the forums on the 30th and 31st if it got pushed back by two days because of this. :angry:

Yeah I’d rather they didn’t push it back any more. As it is, I won’t have the game to play around with for the holiday break, at least I can set aside the 30th for this, as the 31st and 1st will likely be busy.

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If they could get it out sooner rather then later… why make everyone wait longer? Plus the sooner they could start getting feedback would be good too…

(then again I am the horribly impatient type)

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I would disagree with this because usually a longer wait results in a better product. But seeing that they could have things released now and be getting issue/bug reports and could be fixing real problems already. I have to agree with you. To be honest, I am not entirely sure why the beta didn’t start around the end of the KickStarter. They already had a platform that they were distributing to Youtubers, why didn’t they just make that platform into the beta and then build off of it? I am sure there is logic behind it, but I don’t see it.

EDIT: If it was up to me. I would have at least put it out on the 25th and said it was a Christmas gift, haha.

Because the first impression of a game is very important to a lot of players, and without any form of crafting system, no combat system, no food, no day/night cycle, no terrain generation, really only the ability to build buildings (which has now been revamped), it wouldn’t have given off a great first impression. What they gave to the Youtubers was not so much a game, as a showcase. Many people would be disappointed to play that, and even if in December they ended up with the same thing their opinion of Stonehearth would likely be worse.

Point is, in May it wasn’t even a game and would’ve let down most people. It just takes time away to deliver new builds and it would’ve been fairly pointless. I think the way they’ve done it is probably just perfect.


first alpha in 2014? how about no! it has to be done in 2013 :smiley: people know that. (this includes mer burlyhands)

It is going to be done in 2013… :wink: I think you got a bit confused.

Alright, thought it was about time I actually created an account, anyway, I am against a new years release, its the only day off I have, plus factor in time zones, I would be waiting till the 2nd just to get it with this and forced to wait till the weekend to play. I think the 30th is perfect, as much as I would love to have it before Christmas, when ever it is ready is fine

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oh… happens now and then :frowning:

edit says: still think 30th is too late :frowning: NAO!

Don’t make me come over there!

Patience my friend :slight_smile: It will be rewarded!

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That’s what everyone thinks! Everyone wants it now, but poor Team Radiant are trying their best… so don’t rush them!

The earlier the better. Would be awesome if they could get it out before the 30th, that way I’d actually have some of break to play it.

hmmm… i dont think the guys/gal want to be working on new years eve…

Pfft. Lightweights.

I’ll be here, drinking the pain away from having to spend my New Years with you miserable bunch.

slowly sobs


There, there… We don’t want you getting all worked up now, do we?

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