What is the estimated time for completed game release (after beta)?

With the current development speed, what is the estimated time of release with most of the stretch goals. I ask this because the game is been in Alpha for 3 years and other forum topics say the final release is in the fall of 2013 and 2014. When is the actual estimate of the completed game with most stretch goals? Or is it estimated to be the fall of every year?

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It is not estimated. i.e. The game is ready when the game is ready.

That’s the attitude we have here, at least.


I would say the term Soon™ very accurately describes the situation.

(This was meant as a joke, no offense intended.)


This game seems to have sold well in alpha. This allows the developers the luxury of continuous rolling development as an alpha for as long as the funding or Riot’s patience lasts.

Therefore, there is no need for a beta or release date, because the cash keeps rolling in anyway. In theory, this is great for most of the community as they can use the alpha and give feedback to, hopefully, create a better game.

Possible downsides, there is no great market for the product when it releases, having already hoovered up all its market while developing. Oh, and sucks for you if you’re not a Windows user :sunglasses:


In the last few streams, I’ve noticed the Dev’s have started saying more often, “If we have time” when they’re referring to something they personally want to add, as if they have time restraints all of a sudden. This could be me looking too much into what they say, but it just seems odd to me that they could do all they did with Tulip Town Defenders yet now some important features are “if we have time”; such as Seasons.

That said, if I am right, then the game’s “SOON” completion date could be “SOONER” now.

I’m willing to take a bet here. It’ll be a on a Friday, 04:50 CET.


Please, do have time for seasons!
Because right now it is not even possible to mod them properly due to coded limitations (e.g. objects with more than one possible model are not able to have the specific model variant changed from one to another, it is not possible to change terrain palette after the terrain was generated).

On the article: state of Stonehearth, 2017, it says the developers do not have time for putting a Mac/Linux port in the game. This whole situation is stupid.

Is it hardcoded in the C core ?

And maybe my ideea ia dumb but whay if we make really long animations (is it possible to animate a tree?) Because i remember people doing one frame animations to turn stuff sideways like on the carts rails

Oh great, an then we’ll have a thousand of animated trees. Forget the performance, who needs it?

that’s why i said it may be dumb.

Don’t know how the animation system works in snowhearth but i will look into it. i am sure something can be done if is not hardcoded into the c core they advise not to touch.

Oh and i forgot… There is some code regarding seasons but you are not allowed to publish unused/unreleased code.

I know but currently it doesn’t do anything important and seasons service is disabled in the client.

@Gruffus are you aware of the seasons mod that @BrunoSupremo made a while back? Just if you want to look at examples… :slight_smile:

yeah i was just cloning the git :smiley:
But ! changing the terrain will be tricky…

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As a dev, you have good control on what you put into the game and when. More than we do, at least. But you have an entire team, and as always when there are more than one person involved, people are going to be disagreeing. Unless you want to half-ass a feature, you need to think about every aspect of a feature, which takes time. As such, it often cannot be implemented whenever you feel like it and have time. So yeah, they ARE restrained, by themselves, reality and their own wisdom.

It is also true that if you can release an alpha sooner than you could otherwise do, because you’re not implementing a feature that can wait. There is a good incentive to do that, because WE want them to. You don’t need an end project time restraint for this, just the pressure to release AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ™. The time slots this leaves free (“when they have time”) then, are those in which essential features get finished for an alpha, but other specialized dev’s have nothing to do until next alpha, which is what I believe they are talking about.

CONCLUSION: It is also about efficiency and the amount of goofing around along the way, as much as a definite time restraint. You can’t just do stuff whenever you feel like it, there is strategy involved. Many stements about time are about time strategy instead, from ports to other platforms, to the addition of features close to dev’s hearts.


But they are always adding more and more and more and more and more and more x300 “essential” features.

probably the best reply that will ever be made on this forum

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