The Finish Line, How Are We Doing?


tl;dr, Feel like the most adorable lost lamb, is there a revised date or timeframe for when full 1.0 will be released?

My last time playing Stonehearth, apart from building 1 little house to check out the new building system of Alpha 5, was back in the days of the micro-managed Trapper. My hopes are that I’ll be able to block out as much information and gameplay as possible so it’ll be a surprise when I get the full retail copy, but take a peak every now and then at a Dev post to keep myself excited.

But with Alpha 6 now on it’s way/here post-September '14, I’ve gotta ask, does anyone know where the finish line now is? Has there been any talk as to when the full finished 1.0 retail version is gonna be out? The Roadmap gives a little info as to what Radiant are up to, but doesn’t say much about when each individual goal will be achieved and how much more of the game is left to be built. Any concrete knowledge? Even a sticky, viscous not-quite-set-needs-10-more-minutes-in-the-fridge snippet of a time frame that someone in Radiant has mentioned?

Ta pawb xx

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so before alpha 4/5 coming out people went with asking when it will change to beta 1.0. i personally dont care what you call a game like Stonehearth. alpha, beta, release are all the same for a game that will update constantly rather than one that is not updated. but to answer your question i think they even have a set time when it will be change to beta 1. it more based on when they feel ready for beta, and release.

i dont suppose there really is a finish line, when you consider the development process we’ve seen to date (as is so common in gaming development recently)… the developer provides a framework and basic mechanics, then gradually roles out new features and functionality… this process would conceivably continue indefinitely…

sure, there are still games which will develop towards a release date (Project Eternity, for example), but many of the smaller development houses provide an itterative development/release cycle…

i suppose they could ballpark when a feature might be available, but it would be imprecise at best… and then you have to contend with upsetting folks on “missed dates”…

as to the larger question of when everything from the campaign might be implemented… i would say you could expect perhaps another 12 months of development time? again, imprecise at best… :blush:

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I can understand you would expect them to be a little bit further than alpha, since that is what it said on the kickstarter page.
However for a small company, with a team that hasn’t got any experience making games, imo they are doing great.
The way they communicate with the fanbase, all this transparency, it’s more than we could have asked for. So yeah it takes more time. It’s going slow and steady.

btw. wasn’t it a decision to make it less feature filled and more stable than feature filled and alot of crashes?


No clue, but I’m going to say we’ll see a proper beta and/or Early Access around Easter time, then the full game in… Q4 2015 perhaps?

Don’t be fooled by the title, I’m only a fan like you, but I’d say that seems like a reasonable timetable. Whilst a lot of the basic systems under the hood are implemented, there’s still a TON of stuff to add, remove, re-add, fix, optimise… well, you get the picture I’m sure :slight_smile: .

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