I cant wait to get my hands on alpha 1


i cant wait to play what about everyone else this is just a nice post to say what your looking forward to in alpha ( its not about me its just a place to talk to other fans ) well please remember to show respect to other people have fun !


What’s alpha 1?

Of course I’m joking, exciting times ahead!


indeed! the release shall be upon us soon!! :wink:

any reason we can’t merge this into the thread that actually announces the alpha 1 though?


Yep, me too. I’m dying of anticipation to get StoneHearth!

However, I may just spontaneously combust if I get to play it.

Which would be bad.


Have the devs specified which december they are going to release it in? The second half of december could mean 2013, or 2014, etc. That would be a really funny bad joke.


Egads. I refuse to think about that.


It’s been confirmed as December 2042.

See you on the other side!


@Geoffers747 If it’s going to take that long to release an alpha build, then people are going to have some pretty high expectations. You better get to work Mr. Expectations manager.


you have broken confidence… must i remind you about what’s at stake here?

you know the drill… first penance is visiting the Cannon Shrine, and tossing in a sacrificial biscuit…


Chocolate hobnob or bust.

Hobnobs and Apple products ... why not?

Indeed. Chocolate hobnob all the way!

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Hobnobs and Apple products ... why not?

weirdest tangential topic… evar! :smile:


Indeed, good sir.

(Filler characters because I have found that blasted minimum amount of characters here on Discourse.)