[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, Alpha Preparations and Exploding People

There we have it - This week’s Desktop Tuesday.

Looking to push the Alpha on December 30th.

We also have the best death animation ever (joking I’m afraid, it’s just a bug).




Will there by a livestream. :smile:

I would actually love for that bug to be left in. I swear I would laugh every time, even by full release. :slight_smile:


(Reads @Smokestacks post)


( Looks at picture of the glitch)

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excellent update… the alpha is within our sights folks!

update tweeted and commented… onward!

quoted for truth? :smile:

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And I’ve updated the Alpha 1 thread.

For now, we wait.

We can rejoice @SteveAdamo that I will be back in the country ready and waiting to moderate like I’ve never moderated before - this is make or break for us, this is where careers are defined and movie scripts are made.


Pffft. We have more word on Steam! It’s no longer

At first it is likely to strictly be available by direct download, but the team are working out the details with Steam to allow the Alpha builds to be downloaded through the Steam client; this probably won’t happen till a later date.

But instead

We will support Steam ASAP, possibly in Alpha 1 but if not then soon after.

Also, weren’t you going to mention the stuff about YouTube and Twitch? :wink:

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Is there anyway to silence you?!

Yes Smokey my dear friend, you are right. Let me make the necessary arrangements for your disappearance changes.

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Why is that the first time I want to post a comment on one of the Desktop Tuesdays updates I can’t seem to post a comment. Someone help me.

On second thought this is probably more relevant to the Alpha FAQ we’re working on.

So I’ll leave it off for that.

I don’t understand, what’s the problem?

Ehh. It won’t let me post. I will try again later.

… you’re posting fine? You’ve just posted two comments?

Are there other comments you’re trying to post? What’s it doing/saying when you try to post?

Like everyone else on the forum, I am eagerly waiting for the release of the alpha.

But in the meantime, I was browsing Amazon and I found the greatest thing on sale.

No I’m talking about commenting on the main website, not on the forums.


Back to the matter at hand …

Edit: [quote=“EpicDwarf, post:14, topic:4051, full:true”]
No I’m talking about commenting on the main website, not on the forums.

Ah well that makes sense, you’re signed in to something that allows you to comment on the site? I’m not sure if you can comment without being logged in.

I think that those people must be pretty excited for Alpha 1, they’re literally going to pieces!


Hold on, let me check . . .

EDIT: It may be that, but if so, I don’t see a “Log In” button.

Maybe I was just not looking hard enough.

yes! and there was much reason to rejoice! i will not lose what little hair i have whilst you are out and aboot! :smile:


Most swexcellent… I am deeply looking forward to this… HEHEHEHEH!!! Well, I should be able to get a few solid days of playtime in before New Years, if this schedule holds.


I don’t see what the issue is with the exploding people bug, isn’t that what the game is supposed to look like? If not I definitely pre-ordered the wrong game and demand an immediate refund.