[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, AI Progress, New Alpha Release, and Stream on Friday!


Let’s cross fingers for a new Alpha Release this week:

“Once the new system has been adequately debugged, we’ll push out a new Alpha release. Optimistically that should certainly come this week…”


Awesome! And I might actually be able to moderate a stream for once…surely I’ll be home by 11/12? Hopefully?

p.s. Does anyone else think it might be cool to see Tom debugging live? I honestly think an audience who can notice things and mention them would be fairly useful…


Might be fun to see some systems being tested with the new AI.


oh, absolutely… would love to see a little play session as part of the stream!

… and an arm falling off of some bored workers :wink:.


I can’t wait :slight_smile: This release will make the train go choo choo even faster xD

In all honesty, if you could then make him pick his arm back up and ‘reattach’ it, then you would have an awesome zombie idle animation…:slight_smile:

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@Smokestacks you mean like that…



Exciting stuff! As if there is anything else that comes from Radiant HQ.

I should also be available for the stream, what is this madness?! Surely it’s a sign of the apocalypse?


Ah…well I probably should have looked at it to see that it did that, other than seeing the initial image where the hand had fallen off and thought “What if…” :wink: looks awesome, exactly how I imagined it, only you managed to avoid it being so completely sudden when his arm fell off; he wasn’t just stood still as it dropped.

The obvious next step is to combine that animation and the one which you also see in the video where he swings his arms so that as he swings them, the hand goes flying off. :slight_smile:

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-hides in the corner to cry because the weaver hasn’t been released yet; :cry:

Keep up the good work Radient! :smiley:

Sweet… :slight_smile: can’t wait.

have faith brother… and just you wait…

when you see that new <insert name of awesome thing here>, that will let us <insert name of awesome action here>

:man: :boom:

I think you could have just created the beginnings of a new forum game…I think you probably need to start pleading your innocence to @Geoffers747


just… … bite your tongue, young man…

looks nervously at @Geoffers747


So tomorrow’s it’s friday,
And the Desktop Teusday did say

Optimistically that should certainly come this week, but it’s possible that it will fall out to early next week

Sooo Hopefully we’ll get the new update before/during the stream ^^ Or something :smiley: if not, maybe it will be the next desktop teusday.

Well I assume by a week he meant from that Tuesday to the next…I know that’s what I would mean by a week, not just until Friday :wink:

I hope he meant friday.

not that it’s super important, but I read it as “an update in this calendar week”, usually implying a business week, which would be Friday… failing that, they are aiming for next week (Mon-Fri)…

Actually rereading it, I think you and @Ghost may have been right…however @Geoffers747 warned me about feeding your ego, so lets just say that you totally copied Ghost and he deserves all the credit…

glances at Geoffers to see if he approves

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