I’m always excited for Desktop Tuesdays, but this one was amazing.

Well written and easy to understand, the changes they are making are awesome, and that worker task UI is going to be super helpful.

Nice work, Radiant!


So we can test the new pathfinder and the new c++ ai with 2620, right?



lol you were just mentioning this LOL

yush thank you for this post


I still wonder exactly what’s been moved to cppai and what’s still in Lua, and how that might affect modding?

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so… flippin’… excited… for… this! :smile:

Our solution, which probably won’t come till Alpha 13, is to give you very coarse-grained control over what your hearthlings are doing at any given time. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:


Yes, that will be awesome! :heart_eyes: Now what I wonder is the difference between the green and the yellow check; green = higher priority?

@coasterspaul and @sdee, could you guys tell me why my question 3 posts above deserve a like? Not that I don’t like being liked (!) but a simple response would have been more than enough! :sweat_smile:


How do you enable cpp_ai? :wink:

Tx Wiese and yep tried it but on a previous saved advanced game and the problem is I not sure to see a difference! I guess I’ll have to do a fresh new game to see how it feels.


now the big question is, how far away from alpha 13 are we? xD

but this is the new ai

for the pathfinding you must add

"simulation" : {
    "use_subspace_pathfinder" : true

yep, done already, what do you believe? :wink: (but same thing, not a blatant difference with 20 hearthlings on a concentrated “piece” of town with all the features deployed… So tomorrow I’ll start a new game.).

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well with A12 stable coming out later this month, probably november…


Great stuff and I hope those optimizations make it into Alpha 12.

I would like a clearer explanation of the work orders screen they showed.

i’m sure you’ll get one around/before the A13 un-stable releases.

I’m sure we’ll find out eventually :wink:


Y’all are really getting close to the tipping point from “clearly still in development” over into “awesome playable game.” Keep up the good work!

It’s fairly clear that the green ticks are what the Hearthlings are doing right now. You can compare the “Current Activity” to the green ticks pretty easily and see they match up all the way along. When there isn’t a green tick its because they are sleeping or eating (not working!). It’s a similar idea to the green tasks in the new crafting windows.

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Hmmm… then no priorities managment!? Well that will be anyway a good addition, at least we will be able to let them focus on 1 or 2 tasks if necessary…

They did say “very coarse-grained control”! I think being able to restrict your hearthlings to certain roles will solve most problems with their activities anyway.