Future Desktop Tuesdays: What would you like to see?

In the stream @Tom said to post questions or comments about what we want to see in future Desktop Tuesdays, not sure if this is the thread that we are supposed to do that on.

I would like to see, when and how the carpenter class is going to be fixed to continue to act as a worker light. Actually the classes seem to need a little adjustment to move into the new Alphas (based on what Tom said about the trapper) so I guess I’m asking for a few code centric Desktop Tuesdays. Video is great but a working mod API is


@Ramcat, I’ve spun off this new thread, based on your comment/suggestion…

folks, if you have any other ideas, topics etc. for future Desktop Tuesdays, feel free to post them here! :+1:

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I would like to see the access information for their git repository. One can dream, okay.

Maybe I can shed some light on that (assuming that “worker light” means what they said about “carpenter can do normal people’s job to a certain extent too”). The general idea, currently, is that the AI has tasks, and tasks have a priority, and “craft stuff” has a high priority, while “haul stuff” has a low priority. When something needs to be done, the “AI manager” grabs himself an available worker (which is defined as “everything without a profession” right now) and hands him the job.

If I was to do it - and it would be doable, I believe, with the current API and my usual lua magicks - the idea would be to try to find a normal worker. In case you can’t find one, grab a carpenter that’s currently not busy. It’s basically simply extending one function, which returns the “worker pool”, to include specialists (such as the carpenter) without any queued job.

I mean, there is already some sort of mod API. It’s just a matter of how big of a crowbar you wish to use to open it.


What would you like to see?


Climbs back out the window

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More concept art! Whoever drew the concept art in the Kickstarter is really good, they looked extremely cool :smile:!


Once more of the game gets fleshed out, I wouldn’t mind seeing what Tom and the other team members do and create in their own playthroughs of Stonehearth. It’d be interesting to see the sort of things they build with their own engine. It could also act as a sort of tutorial, showcasing how different aspects of the game can be utilized.


I would like to see more how the Algorithm and how the AI of the NPCs work. I would also like to see more Info on what their Plans for the Game are.


I would like to see more about the farming game.


What we can see is limited by what they are able to show us, but I’d love to see more large-scale stuff when possible. Things like having whole goblin raids attacking to demonstrate combat improvements, or a fully-fleshed village with different buildings to showcase the custom building system (when they’re ready, of course). Hilarious bugs like exploding buckets or what have you would also be interesting to see… :stuck_out_tongue:

Visualizing the completed whole rather than tiny technical pieces one by one is both encouraging for “backer anxiety” and fun for everyone to watch.


since we’ve had a taste of it, I would love to see and hear more about the event system… :+1:


How about future plans for the localization? We can see that there are some language-files already in the game (even with some translations)… so there might be an idea behind.


For me I will want to know more about the combat system with the skills, equipments, how could we protect our city, how far they want to go with the building system and farming system=P
So how they imagine their game when it will be almost features-completed=P

And where can we find a script to turn a 3DS Max animation into a json file^^

I would like to see what an hour for some of the others in the office looks like. As awesome as @Tom is im curious what dev time looks like for the others, it doesn’t have to be as long it could just be 20 minutes as they work through something. I have a real curiosity for what other peoples work day look like and how does mine compare.

Ummm… I am 100% sure I want to see one thing in video versions of DT.


Sometimes I can’t understand what Team Radiant wants to say. Maybe I’m not good enough in hearing English. :frowning:

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I think I can be of assistance here…

Tony :point_right: @Ponder
Enjoys preparing company manifestos mission statements.

Stephanie :point_right: @sdee
Devises new methods of communing with wombats in her unending efforts at achieving world domination.

Chris :point_right: @not_owen_wilson
Tries to see how many stay-puft marshmallows can fit inside his Starbuck’s double Frappuccino.

Doug :point_right: @Doug
Listens to music. Like… a lot of music. Non-stop. Lots and lots of music.

Albert :point_right: @Albert
Wonders if he’s made the right “life choice” in aligning himself with Stephanie’s United Wombat Alliance.


@sdee @Albert

Can I have Party Membership? Check out this cool propaganda poster I made!


that’s the best thing I’ve seen all week… and im going to go ahead and say its the best thing i’ll see next week as well… :smile: :+1:


Why hasn’t this become Viral yet?

I know, right? I’m gonna start spam posting this all over Facebook and Youtube to recruit more members.

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