Hobnobs and Apple products ... why not?

the wha? … great… Google to the rescue!

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They’re THE best biscuit ever.

All chocolatey and hobnobby.



I checked if I had any… sadly I’m out. :frowning:

Wha…what? You guys don’t have hobnobs?! I don’t think Google’s rescued anything, you haven’t tasted one!

I think it’s safe to say that if you haven’t had at least one hobnob in your life, you haven’t lived.

You haven’t lived till you’ve had Chak-Chak, phooey to your fattening american junk foods.

I believe hobnobs are British, actually.

Same thing. The only difference is that more Americans buy apple products despite the price-tags.

Well then again, most people get iPhones for “Free” now (The only way they still manage to sell them), but that still doesn’t negate my point.

From hobnobs to apple products. Not sure how that works… But it does!

I’m actually seeing what Chak-Chak is right now and if I’m honest, it looks quite nice… But nothing is better than hobnobs! :smiley:

It works because it was typed by the purest communist left on earth.

If you think that nothing is better than your chocolate, then you are insulting Stonehearth, by indirectly stating that food is better than it. @SteveAdamo get the ban hammer! This man has free will! We can’t let people going around listing things that are better than SH, that would result in chaos!

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That escalated quickly. And I know @SteveAdamo may have the slight urge to smack me with the ban hammer, as… well… he knows why. :wink:


Just saw this got changed into a new thread… Well played.

Dat Steve Adamo and his fancy tricks.

Wizardry! @SteveAdamo is a wizard!

Let’s build some pagan places of worship and do some profane rites to sacrifice our souls (or those of some random victims) to Stonehearth. Let’s get some guys as offerings for a fast Stonehearth release. :smiling_imp: Oh and some cookies. Let’s sacrifice some souls for good cookies. :meat_on_bone:

I s it safe to say, I haven’t even learned what is a Hobnob until now?

Please don’t hurt me.

I hereby sacrifice @SteveAdamo’s soul for delicious cookies!

You’re safe… for now, @EpicDwarf . At least you acknowledge their existence now.

I’ve never had one and refuse to acknowledge their existence.

I am sorry to say that I have tasted Hobnobs and I do not like them, Some people think dogs eat anything but that is just a stereotype and I happen to be very picky about my food. For instance here is a list of foods I do not eat:

  • Anything from the continent of Asia is a No No
  • Sandwichs are also a No No
  • Most types of cooked chicken (Goujons for example)
  • My Bacon must be a certain brand, cooked for a certain period of time and at a certain temperature until it is a certain dark red colour (Take that americans I spell colour with a U)
  • I do not like any other part of the pig aside from bacon
  • My potatoes must be lightly salted
  • I do not eat any bird or fish
  • There are also a few other foods that have to be prepared in a certain way or dislike