New personality types!


I really like the personality types presently in Stonehearth and the little monologues they utter. However, given that we get more citizens now, there seems to be not enough variation in them to my tastes. So, I thought I’d think of some new ones, and ask for ideas from others, as well! You could just come up with a general theme for one, or do what I did below and come up with suggestions for all their little phrases! And then the developers (or modders) can determine if they think it’s worth adding them in (as is, or altered somehow, or whatever).

I’ll list the ones that have been completed (have sufficient sayings for each category), both my own and those devised by others, below.


Carpenter promote:

  • Carpentry? Well, why not? I have loads of ideas already!

Chopping wood:

  • There’s something kind of sad about cutting down something so big and beautiful.
  • Must remember to use more greens and browns in the future. Quite an effect.
  • Well, tree—now I’m breaking you down with the swings of my axe. Later I may rebuild you with the swings of my brush!
  • Chopping wood is well and good, but I gotta be careful with my hands. They are valuable!
  • Just think of the things that can be built out of all this wood!
  • Quite a personality on that last tree! Oh well, on to the next.
  • And just like that, we have a happy little tree. Hey little fellow!


  • I cannot remember anything I dreamt, but it must have been a lot, because I awoke full of inspiration today.
  • I dreamed of the strangest place where people were all strange and soft. Like they were made of non-cubes or something. Weird, even for me.

Eating berries:

  • You know, I could really use this shade of purple for painting. I wonder if that would be okay…
  • A plate of berries makes for a great still life. But I’ve already done that… twice. Maybe I’ll do one in space? Everything is better in space.
  • Blue berries boast best biting but boring binging! Beneficial but bare.

Eating similar foods:

  • I’ve seen too [much/many] [recent food] recently. Variety is the spice of life! Or it should be…
  • If I keep eating [recent food], soon it will be all I see anywhere!


  • So much to see here, so much to discover. I don’t know where to begin!
  • All these new experiences and emotions—as soon as I get a chance, I must take some time to get it all out somehow. Did we bring a canvas?

No food all day:

  • I thought going hungry might inspire me, but instead it seems it’s just distracting when my stomach rumbles the whole time.
  • Well, if I spend less time eating, at least I’ll be able to focus more on creative pursuits!
  • Food seems to feature heavily in my recent works…


  • If I live through this hunger, it could make for a great story. If…
  • Are we going to eat soon? My vision seems to be blurring, and things just don’t look the same. I don’t think I like it.
  • I’m so hungry I don’t think I’ll be able to do my dance routine tonight! There goes a two-week spree…
  • Maybe if I painted some food and stared at it… that might do something?

Weaver promote:

  • Oh, weaving? Can I make whatever I like?


Carpenter promote:

  • Alright, I’ll be a carpenter! I’ve always dreamt of building something up out of nothing. Out of wood should do just as well.

Chopping wood:

  • Spirit of the tree! Go out and be free! Perhaps we’ll meet again someday.
  • At first, all this chopping seemed kind of tough, but once you get into it, t here’s something about the rhythm of it that’s really rather soothing…
  • I like listening to the song of the leaves while I chop this wood.
  • Don’t worry, tree. I’m sure you’re going to a better place.
  • That was a big tree! Must have seen a thing or two in its time.
  • We must seem so fast to a tree!


  • I went on a journey that went on for ages tonight. What a story it was! I’m going to be thinking about this all day.
  • Maybe life itself is just a dream that we have yet to wake up from… I’m not sure if that thought is sad or exciting!
  • I wonder if [animals] dream as well! If only I could ask them…

Eating berries:

  • I wonder when they first started eating berries. Hard to think what they would have eaten before then!
  • Berries are nice…
  • If I were a berry, what kind would I be? Hey guys, what do you think?
  • Why are they blue?

Eating similar foods:

  • I do wish we would have something other than this [recent food] one of these days…
  • This [recent food] doesn’t look anywhere near as good as when I first had it.


  • We’ve arrived. And… it’s beautiful! I sure can see myself living here.
  • Just like I imagined it would be!
  • We’re going to have so many adventures here…

No food all day:

  • I wonder if the food will just taste that much better tomorrow. There… will be food tomorrow, right?
  • Certainly there must be food somewhere? The world is full of things!
  • I wonder… wait a second, I’m hungry!


  • If I don’t get food soon, my body may fall… but my spirit will live on!
  • Maybe around this bend will be some food… no? Maybe behind that tree, then… aw, shoot. Perhaps underneath that rock?
  • I think I’m starting to hallucinate from hunger. Hard to be sure though, what with my regular daydreams.

Weaver promote:

  • Just a friendly warning, I may space out on occasion…


Carpenter promote:

  • Hurrah, I’m the carpenter. I can already feel the hammer on my thumb.

Chopping wood:

  • Oh, enough already with all the chopping!
  • I’ll never reach my wood-chopping quota at this rate…
  • Chop. Chop. Chop. Chop. Yep. This seems about the right level of excitement for my life.
  • Splinters! [pessimistic reaction]
  • More wood chopping? Please, help me contain my joy.
  • Here I am again, chopping down a tree. Wishing I and it could switch places.
  • I’m cutting trees and I can’t be bothered to be witty about it.


  • I wonder what it means when I dream of being chased by pmonsters] three nights in one week? Probably that [teacher] hates me.
  • AAH! Ah! …What? Oh. Great. From one nightmare into another.
  • I think that was actually a nice dream. Of course I forget it right away.

Eating berries:

  • They’re sticky, they’re bitter, and they’re not really filling.
  • These berries are almost as good as that bug I swallowed just now.
  • Maybe I’ll choke on one of the seeds. Nah, I’ll never get that lucky.

Eating similar foods:

  • Another day of having [recent food]. [pessimistic reaction]
  • [recent food] again? I hate that stuff.
  • ::cough:: [recent food]? ::cough:: ::cough::


  • Ugh. Can’t we just go back?
  • Well, this could be worse. Right? Give me a moment, I’ll think of a way.

No food all day:

  • I guess we’ll have to eat insects soon. Or worse.
  • Nothing to eat today, huh? [pessimistic reaction]
  • An empty stomach. [pessimistic reaction]
  • Nothing like a bit of hunger to distract from uter misery.


  • Starvation. [pessimistic reaction]
  • At least when we inevitably starve to death, we’ll be done with all this.
  • Starving to death with a bunch of nitwits for company. But at least we’ve got fresh air, eh? Ugh.
  • Starvation seems a fitting finale to the string of annoyances and disappointments that is my life.

Weaver promote:

  • Weaving? Sounds dull.

[pessimistic reaction]:

  • Yep.
  • Of course.
  • I knew it.
  • Sure, why not?
  • Just what was missing.
  • What’s next?
  • What a surprise.
  • Right on schedule.
  • Can’t say I didn’t see this coming.
  • Sounds about right.
  • Just what the doctor ordered.

I had some ideas for other personality types (and I did write some of their lines along the way), but it turns out this is much more work than I expected to think up, so I’ll just be sharing their prospective names for now. I may edit later to add their actual quotes, as well.

  • Eccentric loner
  • Light-hearted comedian
  • Insecure worrier
  • Harmless maniac

Let me know what you think, and again, feel free to share your own ideas as well!

EDIT: Oh! I almost forgot. I notice the optimist character is now a “Hopeless optimist”… is that really correct? Shouldn’t it be “Hopeful” or something?

Impressions of Alpha 4 Release 114

These are awesome! :slight_smile:

It is indeed supposed to be “Hopeless Optimist.” :wink: It speaks well of you that it sounds like an oxymoron!


Thank you :smiley:

Oh! Of course, it’s ambiguous. I hadn’t even considered that other meaning. Haha, I get it now.


Tragic Comedian Personality##

Disclaimer: These jokes are not meant to make you laugh. Please do not expect to.

Carpenter promotion:

  • Carpentry seems safe enough; I’ve never hit my head on a log. Knock on wood.

Chopping wood:

  • I’ve chopped so much wood, I’m practically a beaver.
  • You hear that sound? It’s my hopes and dreams fading away.


  • What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down? It gets toad away.
  • I had a really boomerang joke, but I forgot it. Oh well, it’ll come back to me.
  • What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, they just waved.
  • Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.

Eating berries:

  • These are actually berry tasty.

Eating similar foods:

  • I’ve had so [many/much] [food] I might turn into one!
  • I must have eaten the entire [population/supply] of [food] by now. Ugh.


  • A day without smiling is a day wasted.

No food all day:

  • Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was hungry. Like me.


  • If I ate myself, would I double in size or disappear entirely?
  • No time for jokes. Please feed me.

Weaver promotion:

  • Okay, if you say sew.


Well! I actually did laugh—well, smile—at a good number of these. Perhaps my light-hearted comedian will be redundant now. Shame, I already had a few lines for that one. I may still try them later, but do the other ones first.

Anyway, thanks for playing, and quite a good job! Did you come up with these jokes yourself?

That reminds me, I was meaning to do that same thing! Editing my post now.


Most of them. The dreams are from the Internet. Any suggestions you had for the comedian would be great, since I don’t have many lines.


Well, those don’t include my favorites (those are the carpenter one, the weaver one, and the first starving one). So that’s not bad :slight_smile:


@Phagocytosis What lines did you have in mind?


my name is @SteveAdamo, and I absolutely approve of this thread… :+1:

rummages around for all the journal entries he scribbled


@SteveAdamo you gave me an wonderful idea an
fanboy personality
dont ask what he would say just accept the fact thats its an idea.


Here is my suggestions! They can go into any personality.

Carpenter Promotion:

  • Finally! A tool to be proud to wield!

  • The saw . . . elegant, powerful, and a dangerous weapon.

  • Hammers are cool. Hoes are awesome. But the saw is legendary.

  • I can finally bring out my creativity with my new skills and my tools.

Chopping Wood:

  • This tree is beautiful and elegant and has stood here for years, so I’ll think I’ll chop it down.

  • An ax! I have never held one before! What could go wrong when I’m chopping this tree down?

  • Hi tree! Nice weather we have, eh? If you don’t mind, I’ll murder you right now, alright. Bye tree!


  • I think that dream I had last night may have scarred me for life.

  • What a nice dream! I never thought that I dream could change my life!

  • While everyone has nice dreams, I get a nightmare instead. Lucky me . . .

Eating Berries:

  • Yummy! I could never get tired of these awesome berries!

  • Guys . . . don’t eat the berries. I’m starting to see those trees dance.

Eating Similar Foods:

  • Suddenly, the wood over there is starting to look more tasty than this [Food].

  • I would kill to not have another [Food].


  • Yay! I like going on an adventure as long as I’m not killed!

No Food All Day:

  • Well, it’s just a day, how bad cou - oh who am I fooling. FEED ME!

  • I can’t stop thinking about food! My thoughts are making me more hungry! Help me!


  • How long until I die of starvation? I’m scared of death.

  • If only stone was edible. It would hurt to chew on, yes, but at least I wouldn’t die!

  • I’m so hungry, I’m starting to have hallucinations about food.

Weaver Promote:

  • I don’t get all the fuss about these saws. It’s clear that the tool I’m wielding is better!

  • I must be so talented to have such a job!


Well, my Light-hearted comedian wasn’t going to only make jokes, because I figured even a comedian wouldn’t always only make jokes. So I had some of their lines focus more on thte “light-hearted” aspect. E.g.,

Eating berries:

  • Berries, berries, everywhere, and not a drop to drink! Wait. Do we drink?
  • I like throwing them up into the air and catching them with my mouth.

No food all day:

  • Maybe in the future, we build our houses out of food, to prevent this sort of thing.


  • Well, I’m sure soon we can all look back at this time and laugh about it. Preferably over a large steak. Or a fruit salad. Or baked bread. Or…

But I only had these few ones, and also I was still working on them.

Well? Where are they? I’m very curious now :smile:

That works, @EpicDwarf, because I think all of these (certainly most of them) have a “generic” category as well, that all the personality types can say. I’m sure it can’t hurt to give those ones more variety.

I like your lines, but some of them I think aren’t entirely fit for all personalities. For example, the Hopeless optimist/Diligent sweetheart seem like they wouldn’t say something like “Hi tree! Nice weather we have, eh? If you don’t mind, I’ll murder you right now, alright. Bye tree!” and some of the other less optimistic/sweet things that are in there. Conversely, the Psychopathic misanthrope (or my suggested Pessimistic realist) might not typically say something upbeat like “Yay! I like going on an adventure as long as I’m not killed!”

But I think many of them could go quite well into one of the existing personality types instead. For example, “While everyone has nice dreams, I get a nightmare instead. Lucky me . . .” sounds to me like it could be something the Lovable rogue would say.

I like this one in particular :smile:


Here’s a couple :slight_smile:

[quote=“Eternal Pessimist”]Carpenter promotion
-Me? Carpenter? Okay then… splinters for everybody!

Chopping wood
-All this work, and all I’m getting out of it is calloused hands.
-Gah! Nearly took my own hand off that time!
-Doesn’t anyone round here know to yell timber?

-Wouldn’t it be nice to pinch myself and wake up from all this?
-Oh no, they’re all still here. Maybe I can sneak back to bed.

Eating something
-I think there was some dirt on that [food].
-Do these [food plural] taste funny to anyone else?

Eating the same food
-Oh look. [Food]. Joy.
-All this [food] can’t be good for my bowels. I just know it.

-If I ever find who signed me up for this ‘adventure’…
-The great outdoors. I give us a week, tops.

-So this is how it ends eh? Starving to death? Can’t say I’m surprised really.
-Got to keep my strength up, it’s only a matter of time until we turn to cannibalism.

Weaver promote
-Well it beats carpenting. Can’t find a thimble though…[/quote]

[quote=“Vain Warrior”]Carpenter promotion
-Is this really the best use for my might? Oh well, carpentry it is then.

Chopping wood
-Come on, let’s pretend it’s an ogre. Take that! And that!
-This work is great for building up muscles. Just wait until I get myself a sword!

-I dreamt a giant ogre attacked us. Silly thing didn’t stand a chance against me.
-I had a nightmare last night, about being an old [man/woman]. Give me a glorious last stand any day!

Eating something
-Mmm, [food]. Maybe I should have another portion, keep my strength up.
-Got to wolf this [food] down quickly if I’m to get working and stay in shape!
-A warrior can’t fight on an empty stomach. Luckily, I’ve got some [food]!

Eating the same food
-I don’t think most warriors have to put up with [food] every day of the week.
-Eating [food] all the time can’t be good for my physique.

-Ah, look at all this wilderness, just itching to be conquered!
-The story of my great deeds begins today!

-If I’m going to die, let it be at the hands of some terrible beast. You know, instead of starving like this.
-I feel even my iron constitution weakening… is there really no food about?

Weaver promote
-You want me knitting?! Are these arms the arms of a tailor? Bah, fine![/quote]


I like your ideas, @Teleros! Perhaps I can come up with some more for my Pessimistic realist (little joke in the name there) and we can merge the two together somehow?

I loved this one :smiley:

Huh. I suddenly got struck with a sense of déjà vu last night, after this. I think I may have made that same mistake before, or something? Not sure…


Exaggerative Whiner:

Carpenter promote:

  • I bet I’m going to get so many splinters doing this.

Weaver promote:

  • So this’ll be my life, huh? Endlessly spinning acres of yarn. Thrilling.

Footman promote:

  • You’re promoting me now?! But there’s like a million goblins! I’ll wager you’re expecting me to fight them too?!

Mason promote:

  • Ah, the chisel. The dullest of all tools. Making smaller stone things out of bigger stone things is not the career path I’d dreamt of.

Chopping Wood:

  • 11 million trees chopped, 12 million trees chopped, 13…
  • I gather you expect me to bring all this wood that I just spent several days chopping back to base too? So appreciative of you.


  • How exciting. Wandering aimlessly for 1000 [miles/kilometres] because they can’t make up their minds. Why did I come?


  • Y’know, I don’t recall once in my life having a nice dream. Nope, never.
  • Well, that continues my 100+ day streak of having a nightmare every night.
  • I had to work super late last night, so excuse me if I don’t get up until noon.
  • Hey, some of us are still tryna sleep! You lot make more noise getting up than a herd of stampeding kodos rhinos!

Eating berries:

  • Fantastic. Because this is what I need on a completely empty stomach. A berry.
  • I eat one berry and suddenly there’s purple all over me.

Eating similar foods:

  • I’m glad whichever genius dreamt up this town decided to only have one food source, I sure do love eating [food] every day of my life.
  • Of the 100s of different foodstuffs available, I’ve had just one for the past year.

No Food All Day:

  • Being told “Oops no food” after I watched them scoff down 50 baskets of berries. I wonder where it all went.


  • I bet not a single one of you guys is even gonna care when I die of starvation.


@Phagocytosis it would be great if you compiled all of these onto the original post in the thread.


Narcissistic Nobleman/Noblewoman##

Carpenter promote:

  • A carpenter? This is the work of a commoner!

Weaver promote:

  • Oh, a weaver! What’s that?

Footman promote:

  • I’m sorry, my area of expertise is counting coin, not slaughter…

Chopping Wood:

  • Back in the day, I would pay others to chop wood, not do it myself!

  • Can’t we do anything more suitable for a highborn such as me?

  • They said this trip would be profitable…


  • You want me to walk how far?


  • Ah, it feels good to be wealthy.
  • I had the most awful dream last night. I had no money!
  • Nothing beats the sound of coins in your pocket!

Eating berries:

  • These had better not be poisoned. Those peasants don’t seem to like me very much.

Eating similar foods:

  • [food] again? What do you take me for, a savage?

No Food All Day:

  • I can’t believe it. I’m starving, in the middle of the wilderness.


wow folks, excellent work… clearly you’re in the writing mood! :smile:


By “any personality” I meant that they I created a bunch of one liners that can go to any person with that personality. My post was a mixed bag of one liners that could’ve gone to anyone with that personality.


Oh, I see! In that case, certainly they could work very well :slight_smile: