Personalities in Stonehearth

One thing I’ve always loved about Dwarf Fortress are the personalities that your various dwarves have. Each dwarf has its own personality that can actually affect the way your fortress plays out and make you think when assigning jobs. Are there any plans to expand upon personalities in Stonehearth, or is this something we should start looking into for the modding scene?

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There is a personality for each citizen now actually, however I think it only affects on what kind of log text they will post.

I’m hoping though that they will expand on that so it will be like you described it. :smile:


I vaguely remember something about personality being planned to affect things from some of the Kickstarter media, but this all was over a year ago, so I don’t remember for sure. I’ll go see if I can find something on that.

It occurs to me that it might work to have personality affect the special touches craftsherthians can/will be able to add.

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I have this image of my insufferable_academic Hearthling refusing to use a mean bed, and staying on the ground until make a comfy bed.

Right now, each citizen has a personality and a set of skills. Does anybody know if the two are connected? If not, they should be at least loosely connected. Although not totally connected: deeper characters like a smart psychopath, a spiritual rogue, and an athletic academic would add to the emergent stories.


They do have some personality. I’m ever so scared of my herbalist that he may die cause it took a long time to get him to level. So every now and then I look him up and find him of in distant places, (like the canal project, that is to refill m town s lake) or getting that candle stick out of a former graveyard spawn…
Also my soldiers are crazy about farm life. Every time I need them they hang around them girls tending the cabbages… I mean corn. XD

Different stats to are effected by attributes, which in turn can have a direct effect on hearthling behavior. The best example I can think of off the top of my head are low spirit footmen, which will frequently run away from an easy victory:

Level six, full plate/shield/2H sword with only a spirit stat of two would run screaming from a single armed goblin, repeatedly, until I had to micro them back behind the walls. Spirit directly effects courage, meaning that my footman was rather cowardly.

Look at the primary stat breakdown for your hearthlings, then take a look at how their various attributes scale (hearthling UI -> Attributes) and you’ll see some differences.