Ambient settler personalities

Not sure if this has been suggested before (que @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo), but with the recent mention of “Ambient AI” controlling settler actions when they are idle and pondering on the sorts of “fun” that comes up in Dwarf Fortress, I got to thinking about how personalities could be integrated into the settler AI to govern some of their actions.

I’m envisioning something akin to what I have heard about with Rogue Legacy where the hero gets a random characteristic, like dwarfism or colorblindness, that actually affects gameplay. I think it might add an interesting level of depth and life to the game if settlers could potentially spawn with personality quirks. I don’t mean one has higher strength stats than the other, as that has already been rejected for good reasons. Instead, what if one of your civies was a cleptomaniac and stole other civies stuff if he was left idle too long. I know narcolepsy has been suggested during some of the live-streams. Other interesting ones could be gluttony (eating all the food stores if allowed), gets ill and has to lie down when he/she sees blood, phobias, . . . I’m sure others could think of more traits.

This may be more of a mod idea if @Ponder and @Tom don’t plan on including it in the base game, but that asks the question: how modable will the civ AI be? Will that be something that is reachable only through LUA scripting or will there be easily modified handles in the API?

For my vote, I’d love to see something like this included in the vanilla game, but I know Radiant has a lot on their plate already.


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