New Settlers Features

I think it would be nice to look at the features of the new settlers after the start of the game.

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Hi @Okan_Soylugan :slight_smile:

Take a look at this mod:
[MOD] Hearthlings of Many Faces

Thanks for the mod suggestion, but the mode I want is the ability of the locals at the beginning of the game (such as brave and career ambitions) and it would be nice to arrange them after the game

So hearthlings of many faces… But for stats and skills?

I’m talking about the red box that I pointed out and it would be nice to change it after the game started

These are called “Traits” and there’s a thread discussing exactly what you suggest. Here :slight_smile:

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just my opinion but i think is better to not be able to change inmigrating heartling stats as you never know who will come and how he/she will affect your town (i hate those 1/1/1 too but they are still heartlings)
what i would like is that more than one arrives at a time but you can choose none or as many as your current net worth allows or just one idk


Thanks for your helping :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it’s a good idea to set up newcomers, because the gluttony traits may cause you to get in trouble.

well, how you deal with them is part of the town management job hehe

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irrelevant to the topic but, do you have any english-turkish and english-turkish translations that you recommend (I’am a Turk if you are understand I translate the google and it is a bad translator) :sweat_smile:

hmmm, i believe there is a turkish translator over here in the forum and has a localization mod for your language so you could try asking there