Character Traits

I think it would be very cool to have your guys randomly get some personality traits when they first come to life. These would be small nerfs or buffs corresponding to a personality trait, for example fear/courage would affect how fast your guy would run away when they see an enemy mob.

These buffs/nerfs will have to be minor so that it wont affect the way you’ll play the game, this way they wont have to be balanced (which would take away the fun), but it would still add a very cool layer of depth to the rpg-aspect of the game, setting every villager apart from the other.

Check the Q&A thread for exacts but they’ve been trying to figure out how to essentially do this without having a character favor any class to any relevant degree. So almost definitely in the game.

i think have some character traits would be fun, but as you suggested, would have to be very minor in their impact on the game… still, having a “cowardly” Mer Burlyhands who is just that much more inclined to run in the face of danger might be a nice addition… :smile:

on the other hand, if there weren’t significant reasons for including the traits, what would be the benefit to incorporating them?

Kind of sidestepping @SteveAdamo’s question, the application could be somewhat similar to the random event generator that was floating around the forums somewhere, applying personality traits at creation… If I find it, I’ll link to it in and edit…

im not entirely sure… but were you referring to this thread?

yup. I had just tracked down the link when I got the notification that you had posted it…
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As i said in my original post, it would add a nice rpg element. I could really enjoy each of my villagers have a little bit of a personality.

i think that in one of the live streams tom said something about the vilegers have a diary that you can read if you want, what will add an rpg element to the game. i could be just hallucinating though :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if this has been suggested before (que @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo), but with the recent mention of “Ambient AI” controlling settler actions when they are idle and pondering on the sorts of “fun” that comes up in Dwarf Fortress, I got to thinking about how personalities could be integrated into the settler AI to govern some of their actions.

I’m envisioning something akin to what I have heard about with Rogue Legacy where the hero gets a random characteristic, like dwarfism or colorblindness, that actually affects gameplay. I think it might add an interesting level of depth and life to the game if settlers could potentially spawn with personality quirks. I don’t mean one has higher strength stats than the other, as that has already been rejected for good reasons. Instead, what if one of your civies was a cleptomaniac and stole other civies stuff if he was left idle too long. I know narcolepsy has been suggested during some of the live-streams. Other interesting ones could be gluttony (eating all the food stores if allowed), gets ill and has to lie down when he/she sees blood, phobias, . . . I’m sure others could think of more traits.

This may be more of a mod idea if @Ponder and @Tom don’t plan on including it in the base game, but that asks the question: how modable will the civ AI be? Will that be something that is reachable only through LUA scripting or will there be easily modified handles in the API?

For my vote, I’d love to see something like this included in the vanilla game, but I know Radiant has a lot on their plate already.

from the about page:

Tweak or totally rewrite the AI for monsters or units

as for how easy it will be for the typical modder to tap into the AI options, well… that remains to be seen… radiant is taking extra steps to make modding as easy as possible, reworking existing systems where they see difficulties in the current modding capabilities…

So what I’d love to read is other people’s ideas for personality quirks. The rules would be that they have to have some effect on gameplay and that it cannot be equivalent to a stat boost/alteration, nor should it force the selection or exclusion of certain jobs for that character.

(Someone who faints at the sight of blood might make for a difficult soldier, but it wouldn’t stop that character from being effective in combat. That character might just need to go have a lie down after the battle is over.)

This was actually discussed in a live stream once, i can’t exactly remember which one and if it was Tony or Tom that was doing the live stream at the time, but it has been discussed and they both love the idea and want to do something with it

Tom is always a good guess, as he is doing the streams :wink:. You are right, I can also remember this in one of the more recent streams. Tom even mentioned other games and highlighted that in Stonehearth the traits should be more of a cosmetic thing and not game breaking. So chances are good that this will be a feature of vanilla Stonehearth.

They look the same so I am never sure if it is just one person doing all the streams or if they take turns :wink:


i thought there was a similar thread out there, but couldnt recall the key-word that locate it…

we can combine these two threads and discuss the idea of unit personalities, and as @xophnog suggested, what other folks would like to see as potential traits or quirks…

its easy to tell them apart… Tom is on the right…

So does this mean if you walk around them they swap bodies? :open_mouth: Whoa…

i just can’t wait to see the ambient ai! (mentioned in the “alpha 1” thread)

especially the part where the settlers interact. imagine how mer burlyhands and greenskin grab some beer, chillin’ in this awesome cozy room! this is going to be great!

Moved you over here @ryev, hope you don’t mind :), it seemed to be a catchall discussion for ambient AI, it is indeed going to be very interesting to see how our little settlers spend their days when they’re not building giant statues in my honour.

I’m onto you @Geoffers747. I know those are secretly battle mechs. YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!!!

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It seems like a good idea for a later update… I always like those little details that don’t really affect the game too much, but are nice to have.