Lets gather some trait ideas!

Hey guys, thanks for the newest Update and the new trait system! Really makes individual hearthlings more interesting, since they finaly get something like a personality. Here are some ideas of mine and I would like you to post your own ideas as well!

- Scaredy Cat: Hearthling never fights enemies, even in town defense mode. But when he runs away, he is much faster in doing so. He also makes other hearthlings run away faster when he is close to them (does not stack with other scaredy cat traits). Can’t be promoted to a military unit.
- Brave Heart: Hearthling actively helps in fighting enemies in town defense mode, has more base health and does slightly more damage per hit. Health bonus and damage buff is also applied when promoted to a military unit

- Plant Lover: Hearthling really loves plants and cares for them. Plants around him grow faster because of his devotion to plants. This make him a good farmer, herbalist or gatherer of natural goods (like flowers, berries, trees etc.). But he doesn’t get along with animals and scares them off, which makes him a terrible trapper/shephard


Compassion: Motivates Hearthlings around him/her. Giving them a morale boost.
But when he is around sad Hearthlings his own morale goes down quickly


The Glutton: Hearthling that eats about 6x a day. Is it a positive trait? Not really. Is it fun to see chubby hearthlings? I think so.


Skilled Hands: These are hearthlings that knows how good they are and have a way with their hands. Because of this, they make great crafters and repair personels. Also, they have a higher chance of making fine versions of crafted items.

Gourmet: Hearthlings that have very delicate sense of taste, and flavor being their specialty. They make excellent cooks as they are suited for the profession. They make food faster and have a high chance of making food more satisfying and make it something less to gripe about.

Glutton: It may be the Gourmet’s best customer but other hearthlings worst nightmare. These kinds of hearthlings just wants to eat and eat. They get hungry faster and will consume more every now and then. If you might be thinking where are all those fresh food you had made a while ago, pretty much you’ll know who to blame.

Edit: oops haha didn’t notice that Glutton has already been suggested. The internet is too slow for me to post quick enough :sweat_smile:.


Kleptomaniac: This hearthling will randomly pick things up that it has no purpose having and keep it in their backpack. Only shinier things will cause them to swap it out.

(Hidden positive effect could be they randomly generates gold/items for the town when a trader visits)


There’s actually a gluton-like trait in game. The positive effect is that they are a bit stronger than most.


I’m not english-native, so be prepared for few possible mistakes :slight_smile:.

- Eagle eye: Hearthling have really good eyesight, which makes him a perfect marksman. Boosts attack range (only for archer), but decreased melee strength.

- A mountain: Years of intense training led this hearthling to be more resistant to enemy attacks. It gains more HP each level, grants extra armor points. However decreased walk speed, do not like to farm and herd animals (slower XP gain at this proffesions).

- solitary: Hearthling likes to be alone. It has decreases mood if he is with company. He prefers to have house on his own (if few beds in same house = decreased mood). Prefers to eat alone. Do not like worker / military job - decreased speed as a worker, decreased attack / defence as a military. From the other side, he’s better herd.

- idler: Sometimes this hearthling refuses to do things, mines few blocks and stops for a while, makes breaks when chopping trees / transporting resources. Does not affect military actions.

- fast-learner: Hearthling gains more XP while producing things, but also can waste time / resources by a mistake (wants to produce something, but fails = resource and time wasted, no item produced).

- scared: Hearthling is easy-to-be-scared. He’s a bad military, when he sees enemies, he stops and can’t do anything. In alarm he can’t sit in one place, runs from one place to another.


Misanthrope: Gets negative feelings from social interaction, avoids it, but gets positive feelings every once in a while if left alone.

Loves to talk about [Blank]: One of a set of conversational topics. They tend to talk about these topics when they idle with other hearthlings, and they get an additional happiness bonus from those conversations.

Hates talking about [Blank]: The inverse of the above.

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is already there lol

I LOVE this :jubilant:

I can even see it now, they are walking along, “OOooOO whats this” picks it up and places in backpack. You as a player are like didnt i make an item, where is it. Joe Schmo has it and u dont even know, till he finds something better


Perhaps something like

Reckless: Does more damage but takes more damage (stacks with military boosts)
and it’s inverse
Cautious: Takes less damage but does less damage (stacks with military boosts)

Homebody: Generally happier indoors, may take longer to feel cramped.
Outdoorsman: The opposite effect. Happier outside. Perhaps a special buff to counteract their reluctance to be indoors.


I would like for this system to develop into something similar to that used with Darkest Dungeon, with both positive and negative traits that can be developed and learned by experience. If a hearthling has a bad experience (attacked by wolves and loses significant health) then maybe they will become afraid of animals or develop a negative attribute associated with that experience. Maybe they will refuse to fight animals in future, or increased chance of running away. Stuck in a tunnel without light? Increased chance of developing claustrophobia and a refusal to dig… or maybe they start to like it and refuse to come into places with too much light…


Hey there @Benezjon and @Drafell, welcome to the Discourse!

Perhaps the Glutton merely eats 3x as much during a given meal, but in exchange gets a minimal boost to melee attack damage and a modest boost to hit points - gluttons make good knights and footmen, maybe clerics.

Traumatized: can occur after a certain event has passed, the event that caused the trauma, like losing a friend or pet in a particularly bloody goblin attack.

Easily distracted: higher chance of abandoning a task to do another, but can sometimes have ‘superfocus’ moments, in which the hearthling will not rest until a task is done. (edit: after these moments, the hearthling will have a ‘was unusually productive’ happy thought for the remainder of the day)

Perfectionist: takes longer to craft things, but those things will hv better quality, that means a higher chance of fine items, and possibly bonuses / (boni?) on the objects crafted.

Sleazyionist: is quicker in crafting, but the items crafted are of lower quality, that means a higher chance of (well there aren’t any crappy items in game, to counteract the fine ones) a lower chance of creating a fine item, and possibly counterbonibonuses on the items crafted.

traits that change how fast a newcomer feels at home in your town/ is accepted into your town. Also chanegs how quickly a hearthling grows accusomed to his home/bed.

I like the kleptomaniac, reckless and cautious, loves and hates to talk about subject, fast learner, eagle eye, gourmet, skilled hands, the scaredy cat and the brave heart traits.


I’m guessing you’re from Italy :content:
In english it’s “Bonuses”

Im actually Dutch,

I was doubting, remembering a debate about how cactus needs to be pluralized to cacti, and octopus to octopi, so I thought that would apply to bonus as well.


In german it does :smiley:

Agoraphobia: Hearthling does not like it to be in the open but does like cramped space.

Housesitter: Does not feel well outside a house but inside he/she gets a bonus on happiness.
(those two are different, cramped space can be a cave or house but only Agoraphobia gives a malus on happieness outside)

Tired: Sleeps more than others.

Scary Cat: Gets easily scared by enemies.
(Even with a Spirit of 6, the hearthling may get scared away
I know someone else thought about this, but this my version :smile: )

Mind of Iron: Does not get scared at all.
(Even with a Spirit of 1 or low health, the Hearthling will not run away)

Stone Skin or Bones of Stone: Has more health.
(But maybe is slower than others)

SelfHealing: Does not need to be rescued from fatal wounds and heals faster than others.

Bleeder: When not at full health, looses health till he/she dies and has no selfheal.

Lazy: Stops working every now and then.

Chitchat: Likes chatting with others more than anything else.

Runner: Is faster than others.

Vegetarian: Does not eat flesh.

Carnivore: Only eats flesh or meals with flesh in it.

Stupid: Learns at half speed.

Thumbfingers: Can not learn a profession.

Entertainer: Who ever talks with this Hearthling gets a big happiness bonus.

Or: Does not like to eat raw Food.


I love some Crusader Kings 2, so of course I have to suggest the best trait in the game:


I’m really happy to see the trait system, but I just hope we don’t get too much. There are some games that are great because of their crazy depth, like CK2 or Dwarf Fortress. However, that, and its intimidating-sounding UI, put me off from every trying Dwarf Fortress myself.

Stonehearth has some appeal to me because it’s simple, and I’d hate to see it lose that completely, but I’m fine with some more depth.

Hrm, I’m not sure what the current list is, but I’d go with traits that impact skill fields but aren’t restrictive to particular classes – i.e., bonuses to “combat” but not specifically to “archery” etc.I’d also suggest traits with tradeoffs – if good at one thing, then bad at another, etc.

Bold: Has higher morale in combat

Gloomy: Gains a morale boost when bad things happen to other Hearthlings

Art Lover: is particularly cheered by art. Is saddened when art objects are destroyed.

Homebody: Enjoys being indoors. Unhappy out of doors.

Free Spirit: Unhappy indoors. Enjoys being outside.

Worrier: Bonus to crafting quality, penalty to crafting speed. Combat morale penalty.

Dependable: More likely to complete current task before breaking for food or sleep

Imaginative: more likely to produce a high-quality craft good. Erratic mood.


Hero: When this hearthling’s health is low, has a single chance of a free hit that can kill any enemy instantly. Any. Enemy.

Flailer: In melee combat, damage inflicted on an enemy by this hearthling has a chance to be transferred to a friendly hearthling that is also attacking the same enemy.

I like the lazy and chitchat trait. I would add that the lazy trait has the hearthling do things idly like sit in chairs and inspect market stalls, when not working.

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