Drunk Hearthlings!

We’ve seen Hearthlings build, eat, fight and pet cute animals. But now, ladies and gentleman, it’s about time for them to enter the next stage of their evolution: Hearthlings getting drunk!
Here’s the idea, the hearthling worker, or a blacksmith, can build a Barrel (a keg, if you will) using wood and certain metals. Then they can use wheat for basic beer brewing, but they can add certain herbs, like berries for wine and other foods to create different flavors. Some people would say that if you throw Fox jerky into a beer barrel to create a new flavor of beer, you’re already drunk. But what do I know, eh?

Next, the benefits: The hearthlings could drink after a mighty battle, or a completed quest ark, or some other world changing event that affects their lives in a meaningful way (details, details). After they down a drink of ale, they could get a massive morale or a health boost, or some kind of stat boost. However, they’re light weights so they can’t drink much before getting tucked out and having to sleep it off, most likely beside the streets, failing to find their way back home. We can even show them swaggering back and forth and having their pathfinding more messed up than it already is.

Certain Hearthling personality traits could correspond with drinking ale such as:

Alcoholic- “It takes more than one drink to make this hearthlings liver fail.” Able to drink more ale without passing out. But if their morale is too low, they spend most of their time drinking, throwing up, passing out and going drinking once again.

Gaelic Brewer- “Studied the ancient art of brewing ale to an expert level.” Able to craft ale that doesn’t knock out the hearthlings after one shot, but they need double or additional ingredients to brew it. (Seems OP, might have to tweak this a bit)

Designated Driver- “Takes no part in drinking, for everyone’s sake.” Doesn’t drink a drop of ale, no exceptions. Not sure what the downsides could be, but we can think of that later.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, my perfectly valid, totally serious suggestion for drunk Hearthlings. Do you have anything to share to build on this idea? Leave it in the comments below!
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ok with traits i cant help ^^ but in the brewerymod there are drunking buffs xD