Hearthling interpersonal interactions

Personality traits with a direct practical effect are all well and good, but are there going to be aspects that affect how and with who Hearthlings interact?

They talk to eachother, and gregarious hearthlings like to talk more, but that doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on others, only themselves.
Will we see them express individuality and interactions based on liking the sounds of cattle, being vain, or indoorsy, preferring to eat outside, liking to sing, enjoying gossip, being a workaholic or a lazybones?

I hope to see a truer sense of individuality from the blocky men and women in their free time, aswell as chat to eachother on the job. You can watch some of them bond and make friendships like this.


In Dev Stream 289: Appeal with Richard and Luke they were talking about hearthlings having personal preferences about items. So they might really like a couple of things and dislike a few others.
They then brainstormed that it could affect their conversations and that if they mention something they like and the other one likes it too then they will talk about it more often, sort of forming a friendship. It’s not a confirmed feature of-course, but they liked the thought of it.
Don’t know about traits though, but it seems likely that they at least consider it.


Those are really nice traits! “liking the sounds of cattle” struck me as a bit odd especially with it being your lead.

Presently, there is Loner/Friendly (these two affect their interaction with others). Jokester/Pessimistic these only seem to affect the outcome of their conversations. Then there is Charismatic, which seems to do both.

I suggested at one point a relationship system similar to the Sims. Not that it deteriorates and needs maintenance but there is natural synergy between Hearthlings that builds up to a point they will to go out of their way to be near/far from that other individual. Regardless, I hope some of your suggested traits get added.

Those are golden;
Narcisistic - This Hearthling thinks the sun revolves around themselves
Indoorsy - My home is just so cozy!
Picnic Enthusiast - Preferring to eat outside
Heart of Melody - This Hearthling always has a song to sing. Most everyone seems to enjoy it.
Workaholic - While extremely productive they tend to burn out after skipping meals, sleep and general leisure.
Lazybones - Content when they do nothing and even when they have a job to do it always seems to take them longer

My suggestion:
Hoarder - Places random items next to bed and often holds items in their backpack
One with Nature - Talking to trees, plants and wildlife makes me happy


I actually thought of the cow one because in Dwarf Fortress some dwarfs find appeal in cows’ “haunting moos”.