Lonely hearthling won't talk to anybody

So I just made a new game for Alpha 22, (after installing cafe, better stockpiles, and endpieces (with the stockpile patches for endpieces and cafe)), and have a hearthling that won’t talk to anybody. I thought I caught them talking to somebody at one point (I was viewing the citizen panel, and it listed them as talking to another hearthling), but when I checked their happiness/sadness traits, they were still lonely. Is that an intended thing, or is there something I have to do to make sure all of my hearthlings are talked to?

Which traits does that hearthling have?

if it has the loner trait …it’s going to be alone…since it prefers to be ALONE lol

The hearthling has passionate blacksmith and that’s it.

If he only had passionate Blacksmith, how did you tell he was lonely?
Did he have a thought about it? Or was he just sad?

This is starting to sound like a weird psychiatry ward.

can we ever get insanityt effect for the little hearthlings after they fight or interact with the undead? I know I would be pretty spooked if I saw a Mr. skeletal walking around outside its person :open_mouth:

It was one of their sadness statuses. Said something like, “I haven’t talked to anybody in a while, and have some stuff I’d really like to get off my chest.” I’ll see about grabbing a screenshot tomorrow. I’m about to be super busy with irl stuff.

That sounds like the gregarious trait. He needs to talk more often than others, otherwise he gets that negative thought.
But apparently nobody was near and free any time he was searching for someone to talk to.

Conversations can be interrupted in some cases (for example, due to combat) and in that case they won’t receive happy/sad thoughts based on traits+conclusion of the conversation since they didn’t finish talking.

If all the hearthlings were busy or too far, he couldn’t find anyone to talk.

On the other hand, hearthlings with the Loner trait won’t initiate conversations, if they talk, it’s another hearthling who started talking to them.

If you still feel that they should have been able to talk with each other, feel free to upload the savefile and we’ll take a look at it, @RagingCitrusTree