Alpha 22: Conversation Piece


You talking to me?

Welcome to Stonehearth Alpha 22! This release focuses on the full introduction of Conversations, a feature which builds on the Happiness and Trait systems launched in previous Alphas, the combination of which deepens the impact of hearthlings’ interaction with their world and each other (and with you!).

A bit of background: As we’ve been emphasizing for a while now, we believe that Stonehearth is, at its core, a game about people — that is to say, your intrepid band of hearthlings and their struggles and triumphs as they seek to survive and thrive in an unfamiliar environment. So we want to bring features to the game that further engage you in their lives, bringing your hearthlings to life as individuals and as a community, and reflecting their development as your settlement grows.


Despite my old save not having traits, as it was made in an ealier alpha, they converse with each other a lot. Enjoying it. I didn’t have much for them to do; since I think this is the first update the town was not annihilated short time after load. Granted I still have some kobolds I will have to deal with just down the cliff, but they are not coming up anytime soon.

I guess now I might be able to continue my town when I next have a large amount of time to play. Did the township pieces change or something. As it booted up as if I didn’t get that message before. That and the names of the pieces were different. So were the RC township monuments finally made?

Regardless it will take some fine tuning on my part to ensure they survive those kobolds. :slight_smile:


Yeah, traits aren’t necessary for hearthlings to converse, though they do make certain subjects of conversation available.


Can I already download Alpha 22 via humble bundle?

Not yet. There’s some last tuning we want to add before calling it done and pushing it to Humble Bundle.

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