Alpha 20 Citizen Not doing anything

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a situation I have at the moment. I have a hearthling that for some reason over time became less and less unhappy, thank you to the new update I soon realized why. He was starving and fatigued. But the problem I found was that he just kept making the tired animation as well as the hungry and crying animation. He just stood there in one place constantly crying and falling asleep instead of actually going and getting some food and sleeping in his assigned bed. I tried everything from using the console to reset the hearthling to promoting him to different classes. He was just constantly crying and sobbing in the corner of a house without going to sleep and eating a meal. I did not lack any food because everyday I got a new hearthling.

Any Idea what the problem might be??

It sounds to me, like he is stuck. Try using the console to summon him to a different location and see if that fixes the problem.

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maybe the bed you assigned is blocked?

also there was a bug in the last alpha 20, r693, that multiplied emotion modifiers so maybe with the new update, r695, this will be fixed?

He was stuck for sure. Maybe teleporting would have helped.
@Excelsior, do you have a savefile that shows him still stuck and starving / fatigued, even after loading?
It could be useful to determine why he doesn’t go to eat.

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Hey Sorry for the late response. The Hearthling was for sure not stuck because I did try to teleport him and nothing changed. However it seemed like the bug or whatever it was fixed itself. Because I opened my game today and saw that one of the hearthlings went to save him with the new mechanic due to him starving to death. So everything seems fine now. But thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

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