Bug My workers are confused and starving

My workers are confused and starving and i cand help them but the ones with a job are just fine

and they wont die they just stand ther

Click on them and go to the Character Info window. From there, you can click the light blue swirling thing in the upper right and then click anywhere on the ground to teleport them to a safe spot

This sounds like a case of “make a save game and reload it” might fix it, assuming there is food

thx but dosent work

i did but thx

@Leronio , when you’re in your game: look at the Lag Meter in the lower right. When they start starving or giving you starving errors, what color mostly fills that bar?

I’ve had this issue twice in a game im currently playing, i’d simply teleport them but that button has bugged out and simply says the hearthling has teleported that day already (says that with every hearthling) a simple reload fixed the issue of the hearthling being confused, though this is in a multiplayer game where I wasnt the host.
Edit: this only happened to 1 hearthling on both occasions