Hearthling Relationships level 3

The Update with the attributes was the first step trying to give the Hearthlings some personality. The second one was the update with the conversations. A really nice feature that makes the game more immersive, my opinion.


My idea for the 3rd step should be try to integrate Relationships to the game. Actually you can see if the conversation was excellent, good or also bad. Why don’t using this to change the Relationship between the two Hearthlings? Like in Sims. If they have a lot of good conversations and fun together they could be friends. Otherwise if the conversations are really bad and annoying they will avoid any conversations with the Hearthling.

Also useful under attack. When a good friend is under attack a Hearthling can generate itself some Stamina or increase the amount of courage to help him.

Just an idea :smiley:


My idea for the Commemorative Items mod is to create a list of close friends for each Hearthling; based on their conversation history, the ones they typically have positive talks with will score high on their friends-list.
(these friends would also be more sad etc if the Hearthling died)

If this would already be a feature in Stonehearth ot would make my life easier I suppose. Ergo, I support this idea, pingu! :smiley:

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