Relationships Between Hearthlings

Hello! I have a few suggestions for the game! First of all, it doesn’t look like the Hearthlings interact with eachother. Hearthlings need personality, and you should be able to change the way Hearthlings look. Hearthlings should be able to have babies, resulting in your population growing faster. Second, because no matter how many save files you play Hearthlings will suprise you, we need to have our Hearthlings meet other Hearthlings, and of course add new interactions. Maybe make a Sims style interaction. You can select a Hearthling, and do things with the Hearthling. Maybe go over and talk to the Hearthling’s friend or maybe take him for a walk. Third, I feel like Hearthlings need to do more then do basic tasks. Maybe add new jobs and activities for the Hearthlings to do in their spare time. I also think we should be able to give Hearthlings a specific house and a specific bed. That way wives, husbands, and children can live together. Hopefully you understand.

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There will eventually be “down time” for bars and they will have more activities to do when they have nothing else to do eventually… there will not however be babies the developers already said they didn’t want that in their game.

Assigning houses and beds will come back (it was in the game before but it was really buggy so they took it out to work on it)


I wonder why there isn’t going to be children? Seems interesting why they don’t want that.

i believe they think it ruins the feel of the game or something to have hearthlings having babies… but im not 100% sure.

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Is the Toy going to be removed then? Seems at bit pointless otherwise.

For a (very) detailed discussion on children, see:

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Relevant xkcd

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