More detailed Hearthling Relations

Greetings! I’ve had Stonehearth for a while now, and I really enjoy it! I personally like where the game is going especially due to the lightheartedness of it! There are a few things I would like to see added to the official game, however, rather than just a mod:

I would like to see hearthling to hearthling relations with one another! This isn’t a nationalistic town where all emotions towards anyone but the town are dissolved! These are supposed to be good-hearted people who are trying to live a better life than their former ones! And relations between hearthling to hearthling are a way that they could achieve this. When they talk to one another, depending on how the conversation goes (Random chance to go good or bad), their relationship with one another will improve/decline, gradually becoming friends/nemesis’ or something along those lines! I am aware that Radiant doesn’t want to get to romantic relations as I have seen from previous opinions. But as far as I’m aware they wouldn’t have any problem with this! In a game sense, however, hearthlings being friends or enemies with one another could spice up the game very much. Friends could prefer to work with one another, encouraging you keep them together (Maybe they would get a stamina boost if put in the same profession). While nemesis’ would want to avoid one another (If they worked together in the same profession they would work more slowly). This would have the player think more into individual relations to improve the efficiency of the town! Please tell me what you think about this in the comments, I’ll make sure to give my opinions on what you have to say! (Should I edit this I will make a log just for your convenience.)