In-Game Food Ideas

I’d like to know whether in-game foods will be common foods like hot dogs, burgers, pizza, etc., or if they will be new and unique like those in Cube World like Ginseng Soup, and Pineapple Slices (hehe).

But while we wait on that, we can check out some cool foods that might spark some inspiration. Like the ones found at Food and Decor. They also have Discourse Forums as well!

im not sure we will be “crafting” food to be honest… we obviously have crops, and that aspect of the game can get very granular (if you choose to do so)… but i believe the units will simply farm the available crops, and consume the harvested goods…

still, a voxel hamburger would look pretty tasty… :tongue:

So you can’t combine lettuce, tomato, 85% Angus Beef, and half wheat bread? If you could eat them all separately, and have the option to combine them, that would be great.

im thinking thats a wee bit too micro, given the general design for SH… :wink:

Maybe if you unlock more advanced recipes, a person of class “cook” (not “kook”) will automatically craft more satisfying foods such as the ones listed in the initial post.

I could be wrong but I believe the idea of crafting food and drink was brought up in the latest UI livestream. It was mentioned as being one of the tabs from which you choose to craft. I’m thinking that this means that we can craft certain foodstuffs for additional bonuses if we choose to, but the bulk of intake will be fairly automatic. Then again there is always the craft if below button, so who knows maybe that will be the more toggled button if we’re crafting food. Craft steak when stocks get below X amount. I don’t think it’s too difficult to implement or difficult to track with the tools they’re giving players.

This all goes on the assumption that I heard correctly in the livestream.
(I went back and checked and it was mentioned as a crafting tab at 9:19)

I watched the live stream, but I must have missed that part. I just wanted to know what you could craft, and what some people’s ideas were.

i did as well, and you are absolutely correct… right around the 09:20 mark @Tom mentions “food & drink” as a crafting category… and perhaps i misspoke earlier… i never meant to imply we wouldnt be crafting food, just not the specific ingredients that make up a (for example) sandwich…

if you look at this image from the UI livestream, you’ll see the weapons & armor section, and the recipes that Illowin could potentially craft (bah - image was cropped)…

if you take comfy bed as an example, i think this will just be a single-click/craft item, as opposed to having the separately craft the wood into logs for a frame, silk into sheets, etc. you would need the necessary “ingredients” of course, but there will be little to no refinement (or crafting stages)…

under food & drink, i would expect to see things like bread, mead, vegetable soup, potato soup, etc. all foods that you would have previously harvested the materials for, but dont have to them further prepare before you can make something edible from them…

I wasn’t implying crafting trees or stages, I was talking about just the necessary ingredients. Although if there were crafting stages involved, it would probably be automated until the final item was crafted (cooked).

Maybe an easter egg idea could be to combine sticks and fish to make fish sticks.

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ahhh, right… i misunderstood…

so yeah, it seems plausible that we can have a farm with lettuce and tomato patches… we should also be able to craft bread… as for beef? well, time will tell… but yes, your idea for having a hamburger seems reasonable… :smile:

if we had the necessary resources, perhaps this sandwich would show up under food & drinks, etc.

Maybe as the cook became more experienced and gained more levels, he would earn more efficient appliances, which would allow him to make more foods and such.

Here’s a list of the cooking tools used, and on which levels they would be used:

  1. Fire
  2. Fireplace
  3. Crockpot
  4. Stove
  5. Grill
  6. Futuristic Cooking Ray?

Does anyone have any other ideas for the cook?

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Bump for the cook’s sake.

So for sure a cook profession needs to have access to a Stonehearth… that’s mandatory and I could even think about a pizza baker who has could use it with the ability to create different kind of pizza (each ingredient will provide a different buff). Actually “Tony” as a name has its origins in Italiy, no?

it’s short for Anthony which is Antonio in Italian… i dont think we can lay claim to the name though… :smile:

Not? Hm… that would be a great running gag though, with reference to the “virtual pizza party” and the one who was not seen there. The small fellow could also be called “Antonio”… fine with me :wink:. And if cows are too boring, pizza should be unique enough, no?


But then where would you get the cheese from for the pizza?

@TUGenius Unworthy Alpacas, Goats and other insects like that :smile:.

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Would they quite be insects, as much as they would be rodents?