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Alright, so, I noticed that most of us are at least semi interested in techy stuff. Some of us work with technology. Some of us spend too much time with technology. So, why not make a thread where we can discuss what techy things come up in our minds, whether it be news, stories, debates, jokes, tutorials, and so on. And well, um, yeah, there’s nothing more to add onto this, really.


Ah but the thing is, the Nexus 4 lacks the little Apple logo on the back. Therefore, it must be less cool/trendy/whatever than the iPhone 6, which will now proceed to outsell it to a ridiculous extent. It’s like when Microsoft unveiled its tablet PCs years before the iPad popped up. Whatever you think about Apple, they have one hell of a good marketing department.

In other news, Microsoft is to buy Mojang (makers of Minecraft) for $2bn.


It’s basically just the brand. Apple was early, got hype, and now they have the status of “high class” smartphones.

Jeez, that’s on the BBC now? Dang!

Whatever your preference, you can’t deny making 18-karet gold smartwatches was a pretty good idea. If they aren’t too outrageously priced I’m thinking of getting one just because.

Speaking of marketing, remember Apple’s “I’m A Mac” commercials that aired somewhere around ten years ago? Well, Microsoft is kinda doing the same thing, except with Siri and Cortana talking to each other, and guess what? All the iTards came out of the woodworks and started bashing Microsoft. The hypocrisy is strong.

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There were so many good spoofs of those back then :slight_smile: .

“I’m shocked - shocked - to find that gambling is going on in here!”

Your winnings, sir.

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Apple was first with only a few things and invented even less. There have been touchscreen mobile phones way before the iPhone, there were tablets before the iPad and I don’t think I need to explain that I’ve had an MP3 player before the iPod came out.

The only thing they were first in was to successfully market their product. That’s all.

but at the end of the day, from a business perspective, that really is all that matters… if I sell the same widget as the next guy, but I make mine much more attractive/enticing (for whatever reason), then I have the “better” product…

capitalism FTW… :smile:

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Pictures and a video for the upcoming OS from Microsoft, Windows 9, has been leaked! :droplet:

Thank you Germany!

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Posted two days ago by a London news site called, they posted a photo of probably a big Apple fan camping out in a tent for most likely, the iPhone 6 to go on sale in the UK. Yes, he’s camping out for 10 DAYS to get a phone that I’m not sure is that great.

Here is the source.

Here is the photo I posted on the OT, because I’m gonna take the first one down. :iphone:

Any opinions about the Apple Watch?

Well, I wrote this earlier.
The Apple watch is nicer than what I expected, but I prefer the LG G Watch.

There are much better smartwatches out there, like the Galaxy Gear. The iWatch isn’t that spectacular, seeing as it will be a lot like just an iPhone on a wristband, as well as the fact that the ideas that have been implemented in the watch has been done before. It’s just another feat of Apple’s marketing team that makes it seem so innovative and new, when in reality, it isn’t that much. :watch:

Sooo… As somebody who knows nothing about the Galaxy Gear, how exactly does it differ from a generic Samsung smartphone on a wristband?

Well, yeah. I’ve got nothing. I think I wrote that post because of my fanboyism towards Samsung and Android. But, I am still not impressed with the iWatch. It is just like a regular iPhone strapped on a wristband, and a smartwatch isn’t new either, and the features that’ll come with it are nothing spectacular. I already have a watch and a smartphone. Why do I need another gadget that’ll do the same as both?

But Apple and don’t you want to be hip and cool and Apple and also don’t forget Apple!


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Perhaps I’m not as tech savvy as I thought but is there anyone who actually buys smart watches? I don’t see the draw, it reminds me of the google glass which wasn’t overly mainstream. They both seem like very unnecessary accessories when you have the choice of a regular smart phone.

I say this… and my wife buys these sort of things all the time… uses them for about 3 months, and then resells it when the novelty wears off.

I just don’t see the advantage over a regular smart phone.

Also, what’s the word on the newest Samsung Galaxy? I’m looking to upgrade but haven’t found anyone who actually has one yet to give me some honest feedback.

So you basically argued against your own point…?