Share your desktop / laptop / computering space thing!

does this serve any useful purpose? absolutely not…

is it a good way to kill some time, and share with the community? in a really weird, we’ll talk about it in therapy sort of way, yes… :+1:

so, feel free to post a screenshot of your desktop… g-rated of course… here’s my desk… :smile:

the inspiration came from this post, showing @Geoffers747 lovely desk


thats a nice desk :wink:
my desk barely fits 2 screens on it.


That’s a different desk to the one in @Geoffers747 post. The speakers, keyboard, mouse are all different and that one is made of a different wood and is a different shape with for example not having the draws that could be seen in his post. Where’d you actually get the image? or does @Geoffers747 just have two desks?

sorry, my post was poorly worded… thats my desk in this thread…

i’ve rewritten the OP, so it hopefully makes more sense… :wink:

My desk is my stomach as I lie in bed…being a laptop, it only has 1 screen…however this is my brand new beauty:

Understandably not a desktop, but whatever…:wink:

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there, thread title adjusted accordingly… :smile:

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I prefer to refer to mine as ‘Magic Light with Buttons’ but I suppose I could squeeze it into one of those categories :wink:

i will take a pic later and…maybe post…not sure…

Specs? I want to know what your work at with your PC

Will post when i get home, reserve me a spot :wink:

Not quite my whole desktop but its a mess and there isn’t much else interesting to see, so here is my PC next to my desk.

CPU: AMD FX 4170 4.2Ghz
GPU: ATI Radeon 6950
Hard drive: 2TB
OS: Windows 7
Case: CiT Mars red Midi

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Currently I’m between two moving, so my desk is in my child’s room at look like this. I don’t use the with computer (an old P4) the mine is black and he is under the desk.

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@MStony … so is that massive screen on the right, hooked up to the tower below?

that looks like the fun corner … i spy some adult beverages? :wink:

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The big screen is a TV connected to the cable but also to my computer, a PS3 with an HDMI cable and some time the WII. Yes they have some empty beer (I’m 22), this is my favorite kind called “Pit Caribou” made locally were I live, they are the three big bottle of the center screen and three of left, I’m apologize if the fact you can see empty bottle of beer offense some people (I can take another picture if request).

hahaha… no, not to worry my friend… i was just playing the CSI investigator role, in @voxel_pirate’s absence… :wink:

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My setup, Sony LED LCD, Custom built I5, Bathurst Racing chair, the keyboard is temporary (a better one is soon to be mine).

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As much as I would love to post a photo of my desk, it appears that all 7 of my in house cameras are either dead, missing, or are refusing to be compatable with my desktop. QQ

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Good god what is that dinosaur sitting below the TV? Is that a W98 era desktop? I haven’t seen one of those since I was 5!

i just used my phone, its not the greatest photo but it did the job

It’s a bit dark and bad quality but it will do.
I took it in summer if I remember right.

dropbox doesn’t want to cooperate. just click broken image link and it should work.

edit: imgur alternative!