How I play the game

Not sure if you dev’s realize that the game supports multi monitor very well or not, but it does. Have a peek.



Do you want to trade? I offer you my i3, 4gb ram, no video card for your setup. :clown_face:

That looks good


Goddammit, that’s so epic!

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Hah! I’ll have to think it over.

How the builder looks on it? Did it splits the controls through the screens?

No, they are centered in the middle for the most part. The movable menus are a nice touch because I can have them open out of the way if I choose.

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How I play the game:


My way looks more fun mate! Nice setup…

We have the same keyboard!

Yeah, Logitech gaming keyboards are pretty neat. I find that this particular one, G910, is a step back, though. It replaces the little built-in screen with a phone mount, which can be cool in theory, but is too much of a pain to set up every time in practice, so I end up never using it, and missing the ability to see machine resource load at a glance.


Agree, feel the same way. I use Rainmeter to keep my resources open on my top screen.

that just makes me exceedingly jealous :stuck_out_tongue:not that playing it on my big tv is bad, but still!

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its so nice to see the new office and the setup :smiley:

ps: i will not post a pic because i use my 19inch for programming and writing and my 51inch monitor (directly over the 19inch) for films and playing (while i laying on the couch xDDD)

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Code, code, more code… What’s that? Oh, testing the code.


i don’t know about you all but… i feel poor… really poor now :sob: hahahahahahaha
those looks awesome :star_struck:

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I’m old so I can afford more stuff, the trade off for losing ones youth, Haha!


Im at the Holliday and play at the moment on an old xmg Notebook. But runs realy good for this.