Dual monitor question

I wanted to get a second monitor for my laptop. Mostly so I can be on a website and coding at the same time. Will dual monitor wear out my laptop?

I think these are the specs

Windows 7 home premium
6 gb ram
2.3ghz intel processor with intel turbo boost technology I think
Integrated intel graphics and an nvidia card

I know those specs are kind of vague, if you need the actual specs I can update the post later.

if you mean will it tax the system for resources, i dont believe so… i use this scenario often enough, and it is quite helpful!

but keep in mind, the laptop has to support dual monitors, in order to have split content between the laptop screen and the external monitor…

Ya, I already tried it and I was able to have one window in one monitor and another window in the other. I just don’t want it to wreck my laptop.

nah, it should be just fine… but if you are really concerned, you can always watch the system resources while you have both screens working… Task Manager > Performance

No, you will be perfectly fine, I have a similar laptop (the same but with 8G ram and my graphics card is probably worse) and I can play Crysis 2 Max edition at about 30fps mid settings witha res of 1900x1200

I have a problem now, I decided to test my old tube monitor, and now, on my desktop(Laptop) screen, the icons dont go all the way to the taskbar, there is about an inch space, and I can’t move the icons down any further. Is that just a glitch with dual monitors on windows?

This will increase the stress on your GPU. On my desktop, the addition of a monitor bumped the average temperatures up by ten degrees celsius, so on a laptop with less ventilation than my huge case, I would expect more heat. If you plan to play games with this, it will be taxing. But for web browsing? Should be fine.

What version of windows are you on? It is not likely a glitch, you probably just need to calibrate the connection. On windows 7, I believe that could be done by going to your desktop, right clicking, going to resolution, and then auto-detecting connected monitors. With my PC, this is necessary with an HDMI hookup, but not DVI. Sorry for the double post. Edit button makes my browser crash on the Chromebook.

I am on Windows 7. I don’t think that I will be playing two games at once, I will probably only be using my main laptop monitor for games. Do you think that will still wreck my laptop?

No, just having a second monitor doesn’t do much to resources. I used to do it on my Athlon II 2.1ghz processor ATI 3000 laptop. Yours probably exceeds those specs graphically, it certainly seems it does CPU-wise.Windows 7 laptops are fairly recent and that means your GPU integrated or otherwise has more grunt and is more efficient. Make sure you have your resolutions correct, check the monitor configuration in control panel (main monitor set to laptop 2 to CRT) if you have black lines on the side (kind of like widescreen style) your scaling is off. Head to the graphics control program (Nvidia Control something or other just right click the desktop it’ll show) and adjust the scaling to fit the screens.

If any of that solved the problem ask the mods to lock the thread. If it didn’t give me a heads up and I’ll dig into the issue. Those are fairly common troubleshooting tips though.

You can lock this thread now, thx for the replies!