Desktop Tuesday June 25th

So what is everyones guess for this weeks desktop tuesday?

I am thinking information on the new office and staff at the moment.

whats your guess…

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Aliens, the new mechanic to cover spaceships and deathrays.
Along with the lochness monster mount.
I can’t wait!!11

I am pretty sure @tom mentioned this in the last stream… really


There’s been guesses for new office and staff for the past several weeks, hasn’t there?

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yes m’am, its been assumed we would hear more about it for a while… with this comment back on the 11th:

We’re making progress simultaneously on securing office space, growing
the team, and working on the game.

oh, and @Spu, i’m just curious… where did you arrive at that name, from Anna? :smile:

It’s okay guys, this weeks desktop Tuesday is about how they have secured new office space. @SteveAdamo and I are leaving our lives behind, and have been hired as a crime fighting / security force for said office, we get our own golf caddy, it was the deal breaker really.

For anybody who has seen the film Observe and Report, @SteveAdamo and I will essentially be the Yuan twins.


I think this desktop tuesday is gonna go about bosses.
New ones and the one we all saw in the kickstarter video.

I think it could be the new office and possibly new staff (that person they found in the office)or it could be the completion of the building UI and mechanism

I think that this desktop Tuesday will be an apology to the community where @Tom explains how he’s wasted all the kickstarter cash trying to relaunch @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 failed Korean pop duo career.

I’ll let you guys decide the name of the group.


truly, the options were limitless… we went through countless iterations, but here are a few of the losing suggestions:

  • tom’s pawns
  • deflated dreams
  • hall & oates v2
  • floppy pony
  • stone cold lovin’
  • milli :heart: vanilli
  • sonny and NOT cher
  • earwax

We named my sister’s cat Spumoni (after the italian ice/gelato flavor), and I just started using the name for MMOs. Been using it for a good… oh… 10-12 years now?


Why did we scrap that one?

Was today’s Desktop Tuesday replaced by that impromptu livestream last night? Or is it simply a little late in the day in coming?

It is just late… or let’s say there is no fixed time for the release of the news.

Oh great. Thanks Vox!


and, i believe its right around 1:30PM in CA, so plenty of time for today’s update… will likely arrive while im enroute home… :tongue:

Its probably just going to come a bit later than the last one, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just talking about the stream yesterday and the changes/refinements that were made to the UI or the models he made in it.

for those that listened to last night’s stream, @Tom did mention he wanted to blog about how the buildings are comprised of individual pieces (when he was in qubicle, blowing the section apart, etc.)… so, perhaps that will be the topic of discussion?

Looks like were not getting a desktop Tuesday update today. I guess the livestream we had yesterday was much better than what we get on a desktop Tuesday.

it was a very nice surprise… :smile:

im still holding out hope… i mean, who doesnt work till 7:30PM? :tongue:

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rip hope. only the mighty Joffers can save us now