Desktop Tuesday June 18

So whats your guess for this weeks Desktop Tuesday?

I think we will see abit more of the crafting relating more to the UI and how it all integrates with the carpenters workshop.

yes… seems like a reasonable guess to see an expansion on these:

oh sure explain my guess where is yours :tongue:

I wouldn’t be surprised to see something different as the livestream showed off a lot of the workshop I would like to see a town created by them in game!

maybe something about a new office

all good guesses keep them coming

bump since today is the day we will find out the answer to this

please, for the love of all woodland creatures, let’s not “bump” threads unless we have new content to add as well…

if you start bumping, then @Geoffers747 will start bumping… and his definition varies considerably from the rest of us… trust me, it aint pretty…

plus, we’ve made it to Tuesday… its about 5AM in CA, so we should hopefully see an update in … oh, let’s say about 8 hours? :smile:

You rang?

Oh I’ll bump alright. I’ll bump the hell out of whoever wants bumping.

Bumpedi bump bump

Sorry, could not resist! :blush:

what time do they start posting about stuff in there time zone ?

i dont think there is any specific window they use, but just consider normal business hours as free game… as it’s only 6:15AM there, its still very early in the day for them…

So anyone have any more guesses for what we will see?

It could be the animal to replace the cow, yeah @Geoffers747 bumped me once, I’ve not walked the same since, lol

Well, I remember for the Kickstarter there was a lot of hype for the last update with new stretch goals, and that didn’t happen until around 9 -10, so probably not for another few hours…

Edit: and that’s at the earliest, the Desktop Tuesday is something they’ve worked on, so probably much later than that…

Yeah in europe I’ve taken to calling it desktop Wednesdays as of the 8hour difference to gmt, which means every Tuesday night is like xmas eve :smiley:


Well theres an update now, and its not the Desktop Tuesday, but I still suggest looking at it. Seems we’ve got more forums to lurk on…

Meh. My Curse display name is naff!

there is indeed… and now i r confused… im sure this will make more sense as soon as i’ve had some lunch… and my eye stops twitching… :relaxed:

Yeah… I’m sort of confused on the function of this community portal. Doesn’t the site and discourse and wiki already serve these functions? Or is it just an extra place to bring all these things together?