Desktop Tuesday July 2nd 2013

So what is everyones guess for this weeks desktop tuesday?

First off i think we need to dethrone @SteveAdamo i think he has gotten the last 3 times we did this correct. (Personally i think he is cheating with some insider information :tongue: )

I am going to guess its the new office this week and/or some of the new staff members they have been looking to hire/hired.

Hasn’t that been guessed repeatedly every week since the kickstarter (3?) ? Besides with how things have been it could be near literally anything, for all we know we might a picture of pictures of lua (possible and cool) or a description of the inner workings of a voxel steam engine (more unlikely but much more awesome) just as easily as a new hairstyle they added (not cool) or stuff about the office (likely-ish but probably not very cool). Therefore my vote is that it will probably involve the game in some way, or possibly one of the developers I can’t quite decide as that way I can guarantee correctness and accuracy, really though given the recent patterns it’s probably just going to be another qubicle post.

PS: He probably isn’t cheating.

My money is on @SteveAdamo

I think there will be a live stream announcement, and whatever else they’ve been up to. I hope it’s more about crafting but I doubt they’ll be ready to show any off that off yet.

yes, i know what’s on tap ahead of time… and no, i will not reveal my sources…

mainly because the source is fictitious, as is my inside information… :tongue:

the safe bet is on office space/staff, but as that has been suggested, i’ll go with something different… given the two biggest systems (at this moment) are building and crafting, i would love to see another post describing some breakthrough, or breakdown of either system in more detail…

I believe today is Canada Day? And Thursday is Independence Day in the US… I’m going to go with a little brief on holidays they want to include! Not likely when it really comes down to it, but I wouldn’t mind hearing about some of the lore if they go this route.

Given that desktop Tuesday is supposed to be a screen dump of whatever they’re working on that day, I don’t think it’ll primarily be of the office space. I’d like to see more of the different column types and/or external house decorations (such as that lamp from the demo). So that’ll be my guess.

I think it’l be there lunch (I work on mine every day) or that theyve finally modelled the Wombat… and it has lasers coming out of its eyes or wears gatling guns on its back

Just so everyone is clear i am doing this just for us to have fun and guess at what it will be. As for @SteveAdamo he knows full well i was joking around. I was just trying to barb the rest of you to post your ideas to see if you could dethrone him. Since he has been right for the past 3 weeks running.

And I have a theory why he was right every time… @SteveAdamo must be @Tom, just in disguise.

So of course his source is fictitious as he would not need any source because he simply does not need any additional source or informant.

Anyway, I am hoping/guessing for office and one or two new faces as well. Oh how I would love to work for them as well :confused:

the thing that will really boil your noodle, is when you realize @tom is really @SteveAdamo …

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You’ve never seen either of them in the same room at the same time, so it must be true!

Flawless logic.


Hm… if I would not know it better, I would bet on an Evo-related update this week :speak_no_evil:. However, the quite late Tweets from both are suggesting that this update might come in quite late today :smirk:.

There will be pizza and Tree talk.

The bird is the word.

Looks like we may get another Wombat Wednesday this week!

Desktop Tuesday Update: All kickstarter funds have been spent on acquiring all dueling weapons available on both legitimate and black markets to prevent the inevitable battle betwenn @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747. This was necessary due to a rather misguided belief that “There can be only one”. Unfortunately, their desire to behead one another - thus absorbing the other’s powers - has cost us the likelihood of receiving the game without providing additional funding.



it was hard fought, make no mistake… @Geoffers747 put up a valiant effort… but in the end…

/sean connery voice on

There Can Be Only ONE!

/sean connery voice off


my bet is on building.Well at least that is what I hope comes out this time

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I second building details if only because thats what i want.
Understanding the building algorithm and how it jigsaws bits together.

…but yeah I will be voraciously consuming what ever pops up either way :fork_and_knife: