Desktop Tuesday June 11th


So what is everyones guess for todays desktop tuesday? what do you think we will see?


i have my suspicions on a few things… but my gut tells me we’re going to finally see the third Cannon brother revealed…

who knew Nick was a closet developer?


Image fails for me, says I don’t have permission to view it when I follow the link.


Psst. @SteveAdamo me old buddy … Your picture isn’t working…

I’ll distract everyone by dressing in drag and dancing the hula while you fix it!


apologies… how’s bout now? :blush:


Fixed \o/ - Ermergerd 20 char…


Thanks for the dance it was really good, lol and an extra big thanks for the Timon and Pumba quote :smiley:


well its good to see all the original guesses of absolutely nothing… keep up the good work everyone ( minus steve’s crazy gut feeling ) :smile:


ok ok … sorry for the (awesome) tangent… :stuck_out_tongue:

what am i hoping we see? well, i love some of the older blog posts where they would just dive into a topic (discussing the unit progression, or explaining the UI mechanics… and since those are two fairly different topics, i guess what i’m saying is, the sky’s the limit, and any information and insight is always fun to read… :smile:


Steve thanks for for the awesome picture who knew indeed.


Also I think you’re right, it would be nice to have them just ramble on about a particular feature in the game in more detail I would like to hear more about building buildings. I know they have talked about it before in the live streams but I would just like an article that has the information in one place if that makes sense.


My personal guess would be something revolving around crafting. I guess we will find out soon enough. Keep up the guessing.


I reckon its going to be a reveal of his Ryu!

The internet has eyes my friend… the internet has eyes… :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Then they should all have a fight in here: Pfft, Zangief Titan?


thats a good guess, and would be really interesting to see in more depth… we know the basic systems are the focus from here till beta, so building, crafting and combat are all possible topics…

first, thats just awesome… second, your internet powerz rival those of @Geoffers747 … and thats saying something!


If I had any sort of artistic vision then dammit I would be a global icon of hope and wonder!!!


Good eye. though his troll caught my eye on that list and the lantern_wall sounds interesting.


I suspect the “lantern_wall” is the one seen in the prototype video here.


That’s possible it could be the original little lantern he put on the walls in there first look video. Though i was hoping for a selection of lanterns like they have done with just about everything else we have seen so far. (even if it was just for the walls). but you are probably right.



Is this an ogre? Or is it a troll? Is an ogre a troll? Is a tomato a fruit?


Personally those look more like ogre than troll. But the colors of the 2 green/brown ones do scream troll colors to me… as for the is an orge a troll lol no but that is an interesting concept lol as for the tomato a fruit thing i will let you keep guessing lol :smile: