Desktop Tuesday July 09th 2013

Just wanted to see what everyones guesses were going to be for this weeks desktop tuesday. please remember this is just for fun to see if we can guess right and to get conversation going.

I am going to stay with the guess of more about the new office space and staff (since we m).

Whats your guess? :smile:

what the team did over their 4th of July break…

my guess is, they put the finishing touches on the world’s second largest ball of twine…

My guess is …

We probably won’t get one this week …

Yes we will and it’ll be about icons and Evo and stuff!

My understanding is that Tom and Tony are both extremely busy with Evo at the moment, and Stephanie is away at the moment.

As such I’m afraid you’ll all have to make do with @SteveAdamo and myself juggling, with one ball. It’s something that really can’t be missed.


they implemented that lawn gnome firing hand cannon I wanted with nyan cat rainbow smoke trail.

O_O I’m not sure what crazy calendar you guys are going by… but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Desktop Tuesday July 9th… or Wombat Wednesday July 10th…

Ya know, jealousy really doesn’t suit you Spu!

It’s the BEST calendar I’ll have you know.

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two tweets from Tony:

@Stonehearthfr @ProtomCannon I am working on Stonehearth this very moment! Not in Vegas, though. Back on Tuesday!

@Stonehearthfr Stephanie’s working on sound and Tom’s working on a particle system. Hopefully they’ll be in by August!


your right spu it was supposed to be the 9th not 10th i usually do this on the monday but i was away and got lost with my dates… already corrected

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