Community Desktop Tuesday

So last week I suggested that since there won’t be an official Desktop Tuesday today, we in the community could try to fill that void by preparing something of our own to show or announce. Be it mods, art, stories, articles, gameplay results or anything else that could brighten up a Tuesday. Finished work or status updates.

I don’t know if anyone has actually prepared something, but if you have, or if you just happen to have something that could fit, then post it here.
If you feel that your stuff needs it’s own thread then post a link to it here.

I’ll post my stuff a bit later. Got started way to late and want to get a bit further at least. :stuck_out_tongue:



Well, here at the firefly team we have worked a lot this week, but I personally don’t feel it is ready yet.
I think the other members will post a few things later, but so far I’m proud of this thumbnail I just did:


Besides the Firefly Clan project, i have also played around with an idea for a possible future combat class, The skull hunter:

And then the is my new Biome:


In the past couple weeks I’ve made a couple UI usability mods:

  • UnitFramePlus adds buttons to the unit frame for changing jobs and enabling/disabling the Job activity for military units/parties
  • Insert Craft Order adds a button to workshops under the normal craft button that will queue up the craft order and then move it to the top of the list

I also added a lot to my copy of Gruffus’s TownMonitor mod, and when I get a chance I hope to spin off some of that into my own mod.


This Sunday I finally opened up Qubicle for the first time in years and started doing a set of models for an old idea. The thought is to add climbing plants (lets say ivy for convenience) to the world, that will spread out and form natural ladders and maybe even short bridges.
I haven’t made all the pieces yet and the once that I have probably needs to be simplified a lot, for both style and performance.

The parts can be rotated to make it less repetitive.
Put them together and you can get something like this.

No it’s not a tentacle monster! Or… well… now that you mention it… the very extended version of the idea is that the ivy might get hostile. It then catches critters (possibly by growing flowers that attracts and sedates them), wraps them up in vines and turns them into ivy beasts. The beasts can then attack hearthlings and turn them into ivy knights that march on you town. If you defeat a knight without killing it you can take it to a bed and let your herbalist try to cure it. If it doesn’t work then you might have an outbreak of ivy in the hospital. If you kill a knight and bring the headstone to your cemetery you might have and outbreak there.
It’s very unlikely that I ever get that far though. I’ll be happily surprised if I manage to get the randomly spreading plant and natural ladders into the game, but now there’s a start at least.


A day late, but we had some mixups in communication on team Firefly Clan.

So what are we working on? Well the Swamp biome that has been released for quite some time now, is actually the base of a bigger mod that a handfull of players have been working on. We want to create a playable goblin kingdom called the Firefly clan.
These goblins are not like their greenskinned cousins in spirit nor skincolour!
We aim to present a worldview, where living in harmony with the natural world shows how the goblins, when left alone by the Orcs and hearthlings, actually prefer to live without to many rules and laws.

The structure will be a shamanistic tribal aproach, where the elements and magic go hand in hand.

They will get their own storyline to complete and all the other things we know from the main game.

When will they be ready you might ask? Well if i say “soon” will that then be good enough? :rofl: :heartpulse:

No seriously, we are quite close to the first release, with the basic shaman class and such, but the kingdom needs alot more work, before we can call it finnished! When we are ready to open the gates, there will be a seperate thread from the swamp biome, here on the discourse.

For now… a small sample of pictures:

Team FC consists of:
@coasterspaul Musicwalker
@YetiChow Writer
@Stmpnk Artist
@MoonSight Animator
@BrunoSupremo Codewalker
@Fornjotr Coordinator

Thank you all for having a look here and thank you @Agon for the idea with this community DT :sunny:



Thanks to @paulthegreat, @BrunoSupremo, @Fornjotr and the rest of team Firefly Clan for contributing. I hope we do it again sometime and that more people join in. There’s a lot of creative people around here and they’re posting new stuff all the time, but personally I’m always more productive when I have a deadline like this to aim at.

P.S. Those hippie goblins are really cute :smile: