Suggestion: Community DT on 5th of June

Hi all!
Since there wont be a Desktop Tuesday next week I would like to suggest that the community arrange one, to fill the void and as sort of a present to the devs.
I’m not saying that we should make a fancy video together. My thought is that we (individually or cooperatively) try to prepare something to post until then.
So what kind of something? Well, anything really.
If you make mods then announce your next mod or next update or just give a status update.
Paint, model or animate.
Write a story or a quest line (quest tree?).
Write an article about something interesting you found or finally understood when going through the code.
Play the game and build something cool.

Considering where we are most things will of course be related to Stonehearth, but I don’t think they have to be (feel free to disagree in the comments). Basically, if you have something that can brighten up peoples Tuesday then share it!

On Tuesday we make a new thread where everyone post their stuff. I encourage you to keep you creations a secret until then (for the surprise) but if you want to discuss your work in progress before that then that is of course ok as well. If you think your contribution needs it’s own thread then make one and put a link to it in the big thread.

Sounds good? Interested to join the creative chaos?
Any thoughts on rules or management? Please feel free to discuss. Nothing is set in stone.



well on the kingdom mods front:
im still working on the Nordlingmod and expect an update soonTM (now, with the trapper putting down beehives and gathering honey next to his meat-and-hide gathering!) said honey can be used for mead :slight_smile:

but also working on my girlfriends greeklings, to speed those along towards an innitial release :slight_smile:

beyond that i started a little contest for people making models, to show off their “legendary/masterwork” items/weapons etc. ( here Contest for fun: sons of ivaldi style (legendary items))

ive noticed a bunch of new modders have recently started and are starting to make cool stuff too, so thats news :slight_smile:

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That’s great, but I meant to wait with the announcements until Tuesday. No every announcement of course, and certainly not if it’s inconvenient to hold up with the release or update of a mod or anything.
I hope to see some nice pics of Nordlings and Greeklings. :slight_smile:

I saw you’re contest. Happy to see it. It’s been too long since we had something like that. I didn’t want to draw attention away from it with this but I thought about this the last time the DT was canceled and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to suggest it now that another one got canceled.
Maybe announce the winner on Tuesday?

ah check, i thought you were gathering snippets of info to put into a sort of DIY DT2sday/impromptu tuesday newsletter :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah! No I want to be surprised on Tuesday. :smiley:
I can see why you thought so though. Gonna edit the post to clarify.