[BIOME] The Pale peaks lowlands

Greetings all!

The first part of the Pale peaks region is ready for the public. This first biome is the lowlands and has alot of forest and the first sights of the mountains that the region is named after.

So there is the custom tree “Eversting” a pinetree that creates huge forested areas in the lowlands.

I have plans to implement more stuff in the future like bears, ferns and other struff.
I have also planned for the other parts (biomes) in this region, so you as the player can reembark through the different parts.

Here is the link to the steam workshop:


Please let me know what you think of this biome and if there are anything that could be improved?

Thank you for trying this out and have fun!

Fornjotr :merry: :evergreen_tree:


It might be my phone Fornjotr but it looks a bit too desaturated? If you know what I mean? It looks like an ork is likely to ambush you around every tree

Or are these night time pics?

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It is because of the foggy weather effect, it changes the colors like that. I personally like that look and the feeling of orcs being nearby :smiley:


Did you add matching :innocent:terrain colors to the builder?

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No, but i have that on my list, since i will be using the same ones for the other pale peaks biomes i have planned :slight_smile:

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I know it’s a bit of extra work but since save games remember what mods you’ve used I think it’ll be worth it.

I’d love for template tabs to come back or even customizeable tabs so I can create templates for the various biomes.

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The Biome have now been updated with some spelling errors and i have added the terrain colors to the builder.

Thank you :merry:

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You’re the best and I’m really enjoying building with this biome. It’s eerily atmospheric and the number of foggy days where the undead come out of the forest to plague my residents adds just enough extra challenge.

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Small update: Changed the color on the boulders, to match the biomes rock color.

Thank you :merry: