[A22.5+] The Pillar Biome

(page layout totally stolen from Bruno’s mods)

Heya folks.
I have created a new biome! Its got tall thin pillars which you could build in to, build on or even build bridges between!
There is luscious blue grass and delightful rivers/lakes running through every map!

If there are any errors please post them here asap and if possible steps to cause the errors

Download here: pillar_biome.smod (101.5 KB)

Minimap looks like this:

This is currently just a Temperate Biome Reskin but I’m planning on adding custom models to it.

So this is what it looks like in game:

Pretty snazzy :3

Can’t wait to see what you guys can make with this!


<yoink!> The Benefactor thanks you, and will inform you of related Experiment details once it has commenced :wink:

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any unique objects? if none, any plans on making unique objects? (trees, shrubs, landmarks, etc)

btw, stonehearth’s biomes doesn’t apply gravity yet so one can literally make a natural floating city with networking bridges with this biome.


why do my villagers seem to slowly take damage while at the top of the mountain? O_o

otherwise real promising looking terrain gen

I feel like this biome is gonna go “High” , No? I know…

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Perhaps a simulation of the low oxygen at high altitudes?

But yeah, that sounds like a gamebreaking bug depending on how much damage it does.