Modded Stonehearth w/ Archipelago Biome, Travellers Store, Better Stockpiles (A20)

Hey! This last weekend I did a video taking a look at the “Archipelago” biome from @BrunoSupremo, “Travellers Store” from @Faye, and “Better Stockpiles” from @Shinsaka!


Nice, my first mod featuring :o

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Oh yea? Nice!

I just finished recording a one video look at the Canyon mod. I played Stonehearth when we (backers) got our hands on it in DEC 2013, but not much since then (20 minutes total here and there, hehe) but my return to it has been very exciting. I will definitely be doing more with the game as it continues to evolve. Let me know if you end up working on anything else I should check out :wink:

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My mod will be obsolete in the near future’ I’ll see what I can do about it though’ I’d need to re-create the mod from scratch.