What is your favorite combination of mods / modpack?

(I hope this is in the right category)

Hello my dear modding-friends! You know there are maaaaaaaany many mods in the discourse and I was wondering about a couple things in the last days:

  1. What mods are up to date, still? I mean sure, there “is” a wiki but its last edit was 2016 so I don’t think this is really up-to-date. Why don’t we make a new list with all the mods, sorted in “last update” and / or “last supported game version”? Or with genres. I think that would help a ton. At least for some little mods that aren’t that popular but still pretty neat.

  2. What mods are you using the most? What mods are a must-have for you?

  3. What mod-combinations are the best for you? For example, BetterStockpiles and the Cookmod are a good combination because with that, you can easily sort your new added crops in the BS sorting system.

  4. What mods would you like to see the most? What are you missing in this game the most? I am a big fan of modding and mod in several games by myself, too. So I want your ideas and if it’s not that much work maybe I’ll try to work on it^^

If there are enough responses to the questions, I’ll sum everything up and write it down as clear as possible in this thread :smiley: for everyone else who can’t find anything but not the things he’s searching for in this jungle

Thanks for every response :3


For first question:

4: I want new kingdoms… Why noone is doing those? (Besides being hard to do)

  1. Jeah but how can you be sure that they are really up-to-date and not just put in there because they were up-to-date 4 versions ago?

  2. Maybe because nobody knows what theme to do (?). Maybe i’ll spend some time thinking about that

Because you can simple test them and warn if it is not working. The author and anyone else allowed (including moderators) can edit it and change the category to outdated.

Oh okay that’s good to know. thanks :slight_smile:

I commented on this post earlier today:

I really hope he answers and still have the interest in making the race. Otherwise i would love to team up with other modders (with better codingskills than myself haha) to create new kingdoms and so on.

My favorite mods are:
Terrain color mod.
Patrol points.
Better stockpiles.
Tree stumps.
Chabonits jewelry mod.
My own :smiley:
There might be more…hmm?

And today i just installed the season mod and the settlement decor mod to try out.
I still havent tried out the cafe mod, but will come around to it soon i think.

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Don’t forget @Wharp’s Bastioneers. That’s a kingdom mod, though not updated. (Though wasn’t he working on it?)

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I play with Better Stockpiles and Endpieces and Settlement Decor mods. I’m probably going to try out the Archipeligo mod soon. [I’ve been putting it off for no particular reason. :o ]

Maybe the Rivers mod, but that one isn’t an all-encompassing one.

I’m looking forward to Candledark and Frostfeast later this year, too. I haven’t played them at all since I’m relatively new here.

What do you mean by it not being “all-encompassing”?

Well, it just changes the landscape (adding more water to the regular maps in obvious river form), but all the rest of the game is the same. Archipeligo, Candledark, and Frostfeast alter almost everything about the game except for the basics of play - more quests, mobs, visuals.

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Yes, you can even remove the river mod after you generated the map :slight_smile:

Ah, I see. I thought, for some reason, that you meant it wouldn’t work on all biomes. Dunno why. You’ve got me there.

I try to take most of the mods that add decorations, but there are definitely some I couldn’t live without for the function. Must haves for me:

Best combination mods are definitely BetterStockpiles, Stonehearth Café, Brewery, MaraRose’s Container Mod. BS keeps everything tidy and MR’s Container Mod gives you the appropriate storage containers to visually represent the organization.

I think most folks would love to see new Kingdoms/factions/races. I believe dwarves are something they’re gonna work on at some point along with the Northern Alliance, so avoid dwarves and Viking types. There are a couple folks workin’ of a furry type animal kingdom. Wild Settlers Mod [WIP] A playable monster type kingdom would be great like Undead or Goblins. The amount of work that would take might be a bit…daunting.


So, the question i sit with right now is, the goblins… would that be ok to make as a playable race? I mean they are already in the game and have animations and all. But do the developers have any plans in the future with these guys, that prevents us from giving them a go? @moderators .

I would love to play as the goblins, they are so damn cute! In their crazy ways of course :jubilant:

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Hmm…I don’t believe the Goblins are planned to implemented by the team, but @sdee or @Relyss should be able to confirm.

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Haha, yeah playing as the goblins would be awesome. Maybe the campaign is something along the lines of it’s an area your group had already claimed, but those darn hearthlings just act like they own everything. After graciously giving the hearthlings a chance to “rent” some of the land by paying a tribute, they decide they don’t wanna and that your land is now theirs! Ya manage to wipe out all the settlers that are trying to stake a claim on your territory and the hearthling’s faction kingdom decides you’re a problem that has to be taken care of. THE NERVE!

It could also be less about the hearthlings taking the goblin’s territory and more about your little tribes rise through the ranks of the goblins themselves.

Either way it could be a blast as the goblins are pretty funny and adorable. In a way that would be a great way to sort of keep the community busy while Radiant works on all the behind the scenes stuff as it doesn’t really add a lot of content. Just imagining all the mods for new goblin furniture and decorations makes my day.


I have the perfect idea for a new gamemode!
You build your city like normal. Till you have a certain number of hearthlings. then you can go into “attack mode” (or sth like that) and play as goblins. You have to build a base for them and then you have to help the goblins getting your base! :smiley: A little bit strange but… I guess that’s a nice thought. Sth like in Anno would be funny. In anno, you have marketplaces and certain buildings that mark your territory where you can build. If the enemy (or you) destroy these marketplaces and build your places (or take their) then you get the control over the territory of this marketplace. That would be an awesome system because you don’t even have to destroy your base with it! :slight_smile: Let me know what you think about that :smiley:


Ps. @Logo awesome review from your side. Definately will check out some of them :jubilant:

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More mobs mod, a mod that’s made specially for mobs.

  • more golem variations (copper golem, coal golem, gold golem, etc.) with specific ore drops

  • a rare occasion of an epic boss mob spawn (monster size of a building or an ancient oak tree, bigger and deadlier than the giant zombie)

  • crypts/graveyards that send waves of undead at your town during the night

  • faster, courageous and cunning goblin thieves without the popup warning

  • larger tree ents (already planned by the devs but I can’t wait)

  • biome exclusive mobs (ex: duneworms in dessert biome, or @BrunoSupremo’s Archipeligo cocolings)


That sounds good. New goblins would be a good start. I guess I can do that when I learn sth about tje modding of this game