[MOD] [18-21] Stonehearth Doorways 2.0

Stonehearth Doorways

Stonehearth Doorways Version 2.0 Dropbox - jomaxro_doorway_mod.smod - Simplify your life
Please see the important note under Compatibility prior to updating


  1. Regular, Double, Reinforced, and Tunnel Wooden Doorways
  2. Fine Variants for all Wooden Doorways
  3. Clay Tunnel Doorway
  4. Stone Tunnel Doorway
  5. Iron Doorway


Download the .smod file above and add it to your Stonehearth mods folder.


The current version (2.0) will only work on Alpha 18 or later due code changes required for A18+. This will **not** work on any older builds.

Version 2.0 does not maintain save compatibility with version 1.x. You must start a new game to use version 2.0, or your existing wooden doors will be broken.

Planned Features:

  1. :heavy_check_mark: Stone and Iron doorways Added in version 2.0
  2. “Empty” doorway: a tool in the building editor to simply remove part of a wall without placing a door or frame.
  3. :heavy_check_mark: Localization support. Added in version 1.1
  4. Remove gear requirement from iron doorway.

Bugs, Critiques, and Ideas:

If you find a bug, please post the error log and as much detail about the event as possible here in this thread. I will do my best to fix it as quickly as possible. If you have any feedback about this mod, or suggestions for new additions, I would love to hear them!


All credit for the idea behind this mod goes to @Communistpenguin. The original suggestion can be found here: Placeable empty doorways.

Many thanks to @Tom and @Allie for the door models from which the frames were derived.

Thanks to @yshan for assisting in debugging model issues that occurred from removing the door animation.

Thanks to @Wiese2007 for assistance updating the mod to mod version 3.


Version 2.0

  • Not Backwards/Save Compatible - you must start a new game
  • Added 5 more door variants (reinforced wooden, tunnel wooden, tunnel stone, tunnel clay, and iron) and 4 fine models (all wooden variants have fine models)
  • Corrected type in wooden door files

Version 1.3

  • Update Mod version to in manifest to 3
  • No longer backward compatible, must be Alpha 18 latest or newer.

Version 1.2.1

  • Update door category to work in A17. See known issue for minor bug in previous versions.

Version 1.2:

  • Updated Mod version in manifest to 2

Version 1.1:

  • Added i18n support
  • Internal directory reorganization to match Stonehearth directory structure
  • New recipe images to match other recipe image perspective
  • Minor model updates to fix alignment issues

I was literally just looking for something like this yesterday! Thank you, you’re a mind reader :wink:


I made a barn/Manger


Update 1.1 is in progress now, working to add i18n support, as well as a minor code refactor to better match the Stonehearth directory structure.


Update 1.1 has been released. Added internationalization support, as well as some minor changes to images and models. See first post for full details.

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heyho can you also update the manifest to v2? :wink:


Thanks for the reminder! Consider it done…


Nice Mod Jomaxro!, want to put it on PraiseDB? :wink:


@Communistpenguin, what exactly stopped working?

The doorways dissapeared.

Well that’s odd…I wonder if it could be related to this:

I will check that the doors still work in dev-2818, but they are identical in coding structure to a normal door (with the sensor removed) so I doubt its the mod…

the only thing i can think of is that perhaps @Communistpenguin didnt update to the new “version 2” when it was released?


it disapeared before 2 was available

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Well that might be my bad then. Didn’t update this mod for a few days after version 2 was required…


Hey @jomaxro Tony found out there’s a ton of overhead with sensors (as shown in today’s stream) and I don’t know how you went about implementing your archway code, but make sure that the archways don’t call sensors since they don’t open doors. I know the new clay archway at one point in time did call a door sensor unnecessarily. Love the mod idea. I should check it out sometime. =)


Oh! just saw you said you did remove sensors, anyhow anyone else who tries a similar idea should keep that in mind. :wink:


Using this in todays YouTube Episode :slight_smile: thanks for a great mod!


Heya, did you upload it on to Praise in the end? no worries if not, just thought i saw it there and am hoping i’m not losing my mind.


Nope…completely forgot to do so, and college has been crazy busy lately. I need to do an update of the mod anyway now that there are more door models in the game, and I also need to look into how they work in A16 with door destroying ogres. Going to try and get the update done this weekend, will upload once done! Thanks for the reminder :smiley:.

Update 5/6/16: I haven’t forgotten this time, but all the end of the semester stuff has been occupying most of my time. I will get to this, but it might not happen until after exams. Thanks for your patience.


Update 6/8/16: My semester is finally over (woo! :confetti_ball:), and I am back from an amazing vacation with my family. That means I will be able to get back to updating the doorways. At the moment, this is not working in A17 due to the changes made to the building editor, and I am working with the devs to figure out what has changed so this will continue to work. With any luck, I will update this to include the new doorways in the game, including the stone tunnel door and ironclad door this weekend.

Update: quick patch released to fix A17 compatibility. See first post for details and known issue.


Well, they were working as of build 2998, as I was using them just last night. …3000 seems to have broken them, much sadness… :crying_cat_face:

I look forward to their return! This one is on my list of must-have mods!
I have proof among my fan creations!

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