[MOD] Structures+ v0.4.5


This new mod, StructuresPlus, brings some utility as well as a new mechanic to the game: structural integrity :smile:

Now this is definitely not for everyone but is the first of several “technical” mods that I’m working up and provides some extra challenge with buildings. Functionality is currently rather limited but as the building systems improve in-game and I have more time for refinement we should see quite a bit more relevance for construction mods and plenty more features in this mod.


  • Tear-down command button to trigger easy deconstruction of existing buildings
  • Toggle command button to turn structural integrity view mod on and off
  • Merge building command button to combine connected structures
    • Combines structures of connected buildings
    • Runs recursively
  • Structural integrity view
  • Color gradiant indicates load: green for low load up to red for high load
  • Walls and columns are highlighted individually to show load on each support structure
  • Updates in real-time as load on building is altered
  • Structural fatigue
    • Support structures that exceed limits begin to collapse
    • Custom effect plays to indicate a failing support has broken
  • NEW - Building configuration UI
    • Buttons for view mode, tear down, and merge (moved off of structures)
    • Settings to enable/disable various building features
  • NEW - Lockable doors and gates
    • Command button for locking and unlocking
    • Door/gate is highlighted in red when locked



v0.4.5: structuresplus_0.4.5.smod - Google Drive
v0.4.0: structuresplus_0.4.0.zip - Google Drive
v0.3.0: structuresplus_0.3.0.zip - Google Drive



Known Issues

None at the moment


The only thing on that point, is that you can not template multistory buildings. Unless you use slab tool to build on top of existing prebuilt buildings or the whole build is slabs

Well … technically not the only way. You can edit the JSON data for the template and build it up manually in Sublime or Notepad++ which is what I’ve done for testing this. It’s a huge pain but you can create proper multi-level buildings that way. I’ll post my test building template on here as a download once I have it cleaned up a bit better.

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Okay technically you could do that lol. But most won’t like me. I cant mod. So I don’t mess with my JSON files. :smile:


Dude keep this up! I like where this mod is going. Maybe in the far future you could apply this to mines so we are forced to build support structures in mines to avoid collapse!

I think you should add more building templates, and new things, such as “castle”.

I built a very ugly castle


@chessmaster42 Why , the rest of the place is not removed???My guess is that the cause of the wooden lamp.My guess is correct, bed and lamp, need to manually removed(unedploy).Or it will hinder the demolition of houses.

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Just released v0.2.0 and I finished up a couple things and added in a cool new feature :smiley:


  • Created command button artwork. No longer using default images
  • Added merge building command
    • Added command button with custom icon
    • Merges in connected buildings
    • Can be run multiple times to connect chained structures

The building merge will eventually be recursive and automatically merge in all connected structures in a chain but for now it only merges in ones directly adjacent. To connect chains simply keep clicking the merge button until all buildings are merged.

Hopefully this little addition will also help out all of the builders out there. Enjoy! :smiley:


May I be so bold and cross-promote this thread at this point? ^^

There’s a few new templates you might like. And I encourage everyone to post more! :smiley:

You never cease to amuse me with your mods. i really need to test this one!

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Version 0.3.0 is now out. This version is mostly bugfixing but also includes a custom effect instead of using the dead effect when a structure collapses. The version also updates the building merge to recursively combine buildings.


  • Added custom effect for structure collapse
  • Merge now runs recursively
  • Fixed a TON of bugs with calculating if a building structure was properly supported

Enjoy! :smiley:

Now taking suggestions! I’ve got the main features either complete or mostly underway for this mod and am looking for ideas from you guys. We know that @Ponder is already working on a number of things for buildings like the multi-story buildings and some overhaul (among other things) so what I’m looking for are things beyond the announced features on the trello board. No idea is too crazy because it all helps me organize what I’m going to work on next :smile:

And as always if anyone comes across bugs or weird things with this mod please keep letting me know!



  • Bigger, stronger and more complicated walls
  • Allowing demolition of walls piece by piece (useful for structural collapse as well)
  • Auto-queue parts for buildings into existing workshops
  • Lock/Unlock commands for doors and gates

Idea Sources

Just released version 0.4.0 and added some very nice new features:


  • Added new Building Settings UI
    • Buttons for structural integrity view, tear down, and merge have been moved here
    • Settings have been added to turn integrity on/off as well as turning the no-construction zone on/off
    • TONS more features and options will be added here in the future
  • Added locking functionality for doors and gates
    • Command button for locking/unlocking
    • Highlighted in red when locked
    • When locked will not open and are opaque to the pathfinder system
    • Will add more config to this later to allow certain groups or parties through but not others

I also improved the performance quite a bit in this update and tweaked a few things with structural integrity and collapse.

Enjoy! :smiley:


That’s great!!! If can use GIF demonstrate new features would be great! Video is better.


How do I put this mod into the game? there doesn’t seem to be a .smod file anywhere… do I just put the entire folder in?

  1. You can download a zip file decompression, put into /stonehearth/mods


  • Change “.zip” to “.smod” .But make sure your extension (suffix) is displayed.

Alright thanks, haven’t had a mod yet that didn’t have a .smod file and it confused me a bit. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, sorry about that being in just a zip file. I have an automated process setup to package and upload to google drive and it just zips 'em. I’ll try to remember to make future updates as a .smod to make things a bit easier :smile:

Any bugs or weirdness to report on it? I haven’t heard much feedback so I assume everything is working perfectly :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m off to sleep now but I release a small update as v0.4.5. This update I made sure to put it out as a .smod file :wink:


  • Fixed missing building settings window title
  • Title is editable building name so you can rename buildings
  • Fixed doubled up lock/unlock buttons on doors and gates

Enjoy! :smile:


@chessmaster42 hi,I use you to make the mod, but I didn’t know the inside of the building “fusion” function of the actual use? Is my error?If you can, hope to be able to use GIF images introduce this feature