Various questions regarding Architecture, Defense, etc


Dear developers,
I have been reading from various topics across the forum, but I still have some questions that I would appreciate some feedback on, most notably;

  • What sorts of defense works will we have at our disposal? (Moats, traps, boiling oil, etc.)

  • How much architectural components will we be able to use? (Columns, large doors, large windows, gothic/regular arches, working crenelations, etc.)


Waits eagerly in the background for a reply


Hey there George!

I think I have some answers for you!

  • I don’t think there has been said anything specific about traps, but the 360,000 goal was the engineer!

Fiendishly complex traps. Steam pumps. Black powder. In his moments
of genius, this Master Craftsman boosts your town’s productivity with
miraculously advanced tools and weaponry. In his other moments…

So it’s sure you’re able to build traps!

Further on defence, I believe you have day shifts and night shifts. Your little settlers will make the shifts on their own or you can control them.

  • And about the architecture, you can do almost anything by yourself. You can choose the roof, where the doors come etc. etc. Althought if you make a giant room, there will be support columns used to support the roof (if you can place these yourself or if they are generated I don’t know)
    Not sure about the arches, but I think you can add these in the game as well. I will need some help on this matter ^^

EDIT: when I read a question like yours I always have the answer in my head… But putting it on paper isn’t my strongest part I guess.


I can answer one part of the architectural question, which would be in regards to the pillars. In one of the live streams, Tom drew up a mach sketch of what would happen with “building physics,” such as making a big square building that would collapse under its own weight because you told them to build it out of a heavy wood or stone, in the building process the builders will automatically place down pillars so that the building will stay up and not buckle under its weight. I hope that makes sense and helps!

Oh and as for crenelations, there are multiple pictures/concepts with crenelations on building/walls, so I would only assume they will be implemented. :slight_smile:


I thank you for your swift replies. However, that still leaves the question of things like moats, the large doors/windows, and arches.


Its ok we will just wait and wonder, I am convinced that it will all be awesome. Or someone will mod in anything that’s potentially missing.


Just to build on @SynysterMuskrat, it does sound like there will plenty of arhictectural customisation for us to play around with, columns, balconies, multiple floors, different roofs etc. As well as this I would imagine the material you use will depend upon the style and properties of the structure - an example that was given during the kickstarter is that ‘perhaps Ironwood makes for stronger defensive walls than Oak’.

As for things like large windows/ doors … we haven’t heard anything yet, but who knows! I would imagine if we have normal doors/windows, that larger ones will find their way in somewhere.

As for specific defences we haven’t heard much. Regarding moats I would hazard a guess and say yes - I mean you can alter the terrain, so a natural step would be to manipulate water to create a moat.

Regarding actual architectural style’s, we haven’t


As far as I know, you are able to tell your settlers to dig in the ground (for building purposes) But I’m not sure about moats. To be honest… I don’t think you will be able to, I believe that in a stream there has been said that water was to difficult for right now and they are more focusing on the on land parts first. So in the initial release… stuff like ships, boats and probably moats aren’t capable.

I haven’t heard anything about the size of the doors etc. But if you look at the magma smith’s model. It’s bigger than the standard settler. So I’m guessing there have to be bigger sized doors eventually!

Arches… I’m not sure… sorry!


Its the Details we’re all longing for, those tantalizing succulent details…


Well, if I have any more questions, I know exactly where to go. As it stands, I trust the abilities of our wonderful developers here.


I am quite interested in this kind of stuff.
Well since we have three kingdoms I am going to guess we are going to have different architecture types.
And about traps i think we will have them since there is an engineer class.What i wonder if we are going to have magical traps(really powerful traps like a fire rune).


I am certainly looking forward to the ability to build a proper castle on a hill overlooking my village. Then eventually I will link the castle with walls going about the entire town.


agreed… i fully intend to try and replicate the cityscape from the campaign video… i intend to keep my units protected with as many walls, moats and other deterrents as i can possibly construct…

yes, i was just watching Dooms Day Preppers last night…


Ooh, I was just checking out the skill tree made by someone (link here), and I noticed the words “Great Works?” which brought to my attention the possibilities of having Monuments or similar great public works. Will this be a possibility to make? And, if so, will the building period of one of the monuments or great work cause an increase in the amount of enemies, or perhaps a series of waves that culminate in a final small invasion once the monument is done? Just an idea.


I’m pretty sure that they said that they didn’t want any buildings that were set in stone, or rather, buildings that were designated from their conception, as in a coffee shop is a house with a coffee machine in it, not a prefab labeled “coffee shop” that you slap down somewhere and it’s automatically a coffee shop.

That being said, monuments and statues sounds like a fantastic idea!


Pretty sure there will be statues, they were in that image of the city :statue_of_liberty: :smile:


no, just one… Steffers Geodamo… done and done…


And we shall form circles around it, and worship it into the night


Is anyone else hoping the magma smith with open up some defensive lever pulling “fun” :wink:


Aaaaactually, we won’t. I asked @Tom this during a stream a while back. They will just have some different recipes and character models, but not architecture or anything.

Architecture is fully customizable, and you will make up your own style if you want too, but there will be no architecture limitations or style.