What kind of voxel modelmaking software?

I’m thinking of experimenting with making models for stonehearth. What are my options for the voxel model software? what would you recommend?

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There are a number of options:

The team uses Qubicle. I believe they use version 2 (correction, see below) version 1, version 3 is what is available now. Qubicle is not free.

For free options, I’ve heard the community using Voxel Shop and MagicaVoxel. I believe that one of those does not work for animation - perhaps @8BitCrab knows, I don’t do much modelling.


i do indeed know!

magicavoxel is a really good, easy to learn voxel modelling program, it’s only “flaw” is that it doesnt support multiple matrices, so you won’t be able to make anything requiring anims (such as armor, creatures, etc)

so whenever i do need to make multi matrix models, i use Voxelshop, though not quite as easy to use as magica (imo at least) voxelshop works pretty well for making multi matrix things

and as @jomaxro said, both of them are free :smile:


Small correction: They use version 1, master edition.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I have one more question, not related to the software. Is there a way to build from an existing stonehearth model, or do I have to make everything from scratch?

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You can absolutely build from an existing model! That’s what I do for my doorways mod - although I’m technically “deleting” from a model, but that’s not the point. Navigate to the /mods folder inside your game directory, rename stonehearth.smod to stonehearth.zip and then you can extract all the files. I would recommend doing this in another folder (not /mods) as the game prioritizes folders of smods and you don’t want to accidentally change/delete something and break your game. Once extracted, you can find the model files as *.qb. For example, a wooden door is located in \stonehearth\entities\construction\wooden_door\.


Use magicavoxel and import it to voxelshop when/if you wanna add it to stonehearth.


maybe a dumb question, but why can’t I just go straight from magicavoxel to stonehearth?

MagicaVoxel is does not center models. Thus, they will appear misaligned in the game. In VoxelShop, you can move the model into its centered position (use the cross in the middle of the grid-box as a reference point). It sounds way more complicated, than it actually is. Trust me.


Well Not only does magicavoxel not center models but it also doesnt all you to make subgroups(which are needed for clothing).

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