Can i use blender for modeling

K well i just wanted to ask if i can use blender for modeling

Well… Stonehearth uses .qb files for its models. If blender can somehow can export its 3d models into a .qb file (which I highly doubt), then I think its… possible :sweat_smile:?

I am not entirely sure though.

**EDIT:**Is there a problem with the current available voxel modeling software?
Oh and the thread title seems incomplete. I think it should be at least: “Can I use blender for modeling in Stonehearth” or something along the lines. Because at first glance, with the incomplete title, I thought: “Yes, yes you can use blender” :joy:.

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no its just im south afrika so voxel cost much more for me

There are a bunch of free programs on the web you can get such as magicavoxel


Yeah there are free voxel programs you can use such as MagicaVoxel, VoxelShop and StoneVox. These are voxel model makers and editors which has even if not all, the features of the paid-software counterparts. Two of which are community made (I think…) which can be found here on the forums :slight_smile:.



StoneVox 3D

Feel free to ask for help :blush:! Everyone here is willing to help :wink:.


There is also this one, which even though is the most lacking, can be used directly from the browser (this was my first try at voxel modeling)