Corruption Biome! UPDATED Oct 4/2017

Hello friends!

I’m here today to talk about a new biome I’ve been working on! It’s called “Corruption”. Mostly inspired by the corruption of Terraria, It’s a nasty world full of… well… corruption!. It’s in the very early stages now. The mountains are somewhat similar to the Anorien Biome’s, mainly because I love them. Corruption has a lot more outcroppings on the foothills and mountains, so there are a lot of fun spots to make camps and fortresses.

Also you will notice, I’ve changed all the oak trees out to corrupted ones. They act as normal trees, so they can be grown, cut down, etc.
The columns you see in the screenshot are a part of the biome generation. there are currently 7 Ancient Monuments that randomly generate in the world. I plan on making more. Inspired by @BrunoSupremo, and the Archipelago mod, you can harvest the monuments for stone and hidden treasure!!

As you can see, some of these monuments are quite large. This one, a derelict Citadel from a bygone era.

The first version of Corruption is out! It hasn’t been tested besides anyone but me as of yet. I designed it under alpha 22. Also, the screenshots don’t do it justice. there’s a… few hidden surprises inside!

Also, a shoutout to @BrunoSupremo, and also @Vargbane, who probably wrote most of the code for this. (unknowingly, I ripped a lot of it :slight_smile: you two deserve MAJOR credit for this!)

corruption_biome.smod (2.2 MB) OLD

Please keep in mind that the forum changes the name of download files. IN ORDER FOR THE MOD TO WORK, YOU HAVE TO RENAME IT “corruption_biome.smod




corruption_biome.smod (2.2 MB) NEW!

Keep in Mind:
I’m constantly making revisions to the code. Thanks to @BrunoSupremo, who has picked up on a few bugs. I will be revising the biome from time to time. Keep an eye on the post.



I guess we now have a halloween biome :slight_smile:

About the colors (which I’m not good btw) it depends if you want it to match the default biomes palette. If so, it needs to be a little less saturated. I have no idea how it looks on Terraria (never played it), so maybe you are already spot on, I don’t know.


I’d say your colour pallete may be a bit bright for simple “corruption” – the purple is a bit lurid, which makes me think of a more extreme/magical sort of corruption. If you’re familiar with the Minecraft mod Thaumcraft, you’d know about taint and how it turns everything into a magic-blasted purple wasteland (as opposed to Terraria’s corruption being a more restrained, rotting/dead-looking wasteland); which is very much the vibe I’m getting here.

To put that more into design terms: bright colours generally give the sense of a dangerous, active threat; whereas muted colours imply something that’s dead and twisted, and has been that way a long time. If the trees are meant to still be going through the effects of corruption, then it would make sense that they’d be bright purple as the corruption aggressively twists them; but if the biome has been corrupted for a while then it would have settled down into a more muted pallette IMO.

Still, I love the look you’ve achieved and will be following along to see where you take this! I love the whole theme of eldritch twisted terrain, so I’m always happy to see another take on that theme :merry:

Yeah, looking at it again I think the trees are a little too bright. I think the ground matches Terraria’s version nicely, though.

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zomg yes this looks awesome!!! MORE BIOMES = YAYS!!!

Less brighter I think.
Any plans on implementing custom trees? like willows and dead trees?
Or custom decors and mobs?

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I don’t know if it’s possible in the code, but what about letting the age of the tree determine color saturation? That way younger trees, the ones still growing and being corrupted, are brighter and vibrant. Then by the time they hit final maturation they are less saturated, more grey-purple. Is that something that could be done?

Yay, I’ll have a new biome to play with after I’m finished playing through all the other biome mods :smiley:

This looks really cool. I really like the spooky trees :slight_smile: After you release it, I might eventually do a Let’s Play on it, if you’re okay with that!

Maybe you could try changing the color of the water to purple? I know it can be done, because @BrunoSupremo did it with his swamp biome :slight_smile:

ooo looks like a fun biome. I’ll RP a blight-border town from wheel of time when it’s available. The colours look pretty menacing and I love the ancient ruins. That citadel thing looks great.

Might be too much purple. There’s already a lot of it. How about red?

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Actually, I’m planning on changing the water color to a very bright, almost radioactive like green!

if that doesn’t work I’d try a sort of red/pink or orange/red “kool-aid” as shurakai suggested.
maybe this will help you on your quest :thinking:

the suggestion would be a “tetradic” shift from blue to purple to red to orange

the normal game uses blue green and yellow for light, so corruption using purple red and yellow makes sense if the lighting hasnt changed

Great Knowledge on colors!

not too many people would think of something like that. I really want the green water. I’m going with a tetrad. I’ll let you in on what I’m working on today. since you are “sniffing” in the right direction. I’m replacing the pine tree models with a color somewhat to what you’re suggesting. :wink:

The link is broken as it gives a random name for the file. You can rename it after downloading it though and it should work.
Try hosting it elsewhere and just paste the link here. This is probably a bug in the forum.

I think the saturation on the trees is still a bit too high, stonehearth has pretty muted or soft saturation that makes it easy on the eyes compared to really colorful games like terraria

Just, not the Crimson. Please.

i haven’t even tried it out yet because unfortunately the smod file is just a string of numbers. you might want to fix that.

It’s the problem of this forum. At this moment you can rename it to corruption_biome.smod by yourself.

Oh yeah I would love to do the Crimson! Unfortunately right now I don’t have the time.

Much like Corruption, I would rather had some more time to put into it, life for me right now is just too busy. There is much more I wanted to do. I just can’t right now. So rather leave everybody hanging, after making a page announcing Corruption, I just figured I’d put it out there now. otherwise, it will probably be a very long time before I can get it perfected.

Also guys, as you can tell from mt original screenshots, their outdated. My computer is formatted, so I’ve gotten everything lost here now. Would someone mind putting up some in game screenshots on here for me?